Filling Space : An interview with Julia Tourianski

By Jason Michel

Julia Tourianski is a film maker, a writer, a self-confessed anarchist and one of a loose group of young and, of course, tech-savvy rebels fundraisingthat Paul Rosenberg named “The Bitcoin Kids“.  They do not give two shits about your, my, nor any government’s, approval in order to reshape, what they see as the corrupt culture and society inherited from older generations with the new technological culture that they were born into. She kindly agreed to be interviewed.

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Scrag by Jason Beech

The walk to Shepherd’s Bush station can put a skip in your step when the sun paints rays across the street. It can make even those tower blocks, standing over the station like hard men glaring at the commuters, look inviting. However, it helps to look up from the pavement. The only problem with that is possible eye contact with strangers. I’ve forgotten how to act around them. And not just Continue reading

"Write What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law"