Dirty Night by Jason Beech

I just love my football.

I don’t have enough skill to write a letter home, so I referee five-a-side games to enjoy it close-up. Some great players here. Dozens of teams running about side-by-side fields as if tonight’s games will influence the rest of their lives. I love their joy at the art they create with that round thing. But there’s always one or two out to muck it all up. Not by trying to stop others play – there’s room for that and Continue reading Dirty Night by Jason Beech


I’d been going to Joyce at Super Cuts for about four months when Joyce quit and they hired Christina and I had to explain all over again how to cut my hair. I was losing it on top, but I didn’t like to put it that way and some haircutters will fill in the blanks for you so you don’t have to say it and embarrass yourself. You can be very self-deprecating. I told Christina she had a job cut out for her alright, Continue reading CHRISTINA, DWAYNE, LARRY by Max Sheridan

Psychopathy: An Interview with Tina Taylor

By Mav Skye

Psychopathy. Scientists have been stumped and mystified about this condition for decades. The rules of the psychopath game are constantly changing, making it easier than ever for the predator to prey on the naïve. And to make matters worse, Hollywood’s fascination with sensational psychos and its lack of interest in facts has led to a plethora of misconceptions on the subject.

Continue reading Psychopathy: An Interview with Tina Taylor

Smashing Roxy by Mav Skye

Blondie smashed Roxy with a pumpkin, a plump, orange, glorious pumpkin as round and vivacious as the moon was full. She smashed Roxy with the pumpkin’s thick stem straight through one of her blue eyes, and then through the other, over and over and over, until blood streamed and steamed into the frosty grass.

“Hooray!” cried Blondie, swiping her blond hair back. She punched her small fists at the moon. Continue reading Smashing Roxy by Mav Skye

"Write What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law"