Porn Show by Chris Stucchio

“I’m not really gay,” the naked man sitting in front of the computer says to himself.

The naked man sitting in front of the computer is a financial advisor at one of the biggest firms in town. He was once thin and handsome in a boyish way. Today, his face is still youthful looking, but his dark hair has a few streaks of gray, and his bloated, corporate appearance strongly suggests he enjoys eating steak dinners and drinking scotch and waters after playing 18 holes at the club.

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All In The Soil by Michael J. Solender

“What’s the matter hon? You did great! How many people take 6 ribbons including 1st runner up Tomato?”

Vern Erickson was trying hard to comfort his wife of 20 years, but June was having none of it.

It would be a long and quiet ride back to Red Wing from St. Paul. June didn’t even want to take in the Midway this year. There would be no Dinky donuts, no special milkshake, no deep fried Snickers bars and no Tilt-O-Whirl. Vern always loved the Minnesota State Fair. Not this year.

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Love and Loss in the Liquor Aisle by Kimmy Dee

“Oh, it was definitely love at first sight, he just hadn’t seen me yet.”

I took an enthusiastic swig of water from the Styrofoam cup that had been placed in front of me, and winced as a cluster of ice cubes clobbered my nose. I carefully returned the cup to the desk and patted at my face with my sleeve, playing it off as if the whole maneuver had gone according to plan. Regardless of my wet shirt, I had certainly built the suspense to an excruciating level. “Anyway, I already told the cops all about James.”

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"Write What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law"