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The Wild Hunt by Jason Michel

I remember the first time I saw them.

On a scale of 1 to 10 of depressing journeys, this one had begun as a 9.99er.

The RER train was going from the centre of Paris to a faceless bourgeois suburb. I should have seen the signs on the platform at Chatelet Les Halles. Sat on a cold concrete bench was a tramp. He was wearing a rotten suit jacket and woolly hat. Holes in the elbows and pockets. Dark turtle neck jumper. Scuffed and shitty trainers. And that was it. His cock and balls lay flaccidly between legs. Flaccid. Thank the gods for small mercies. It was minus three out in the street. I wondered aimlessly how he had managed to get Continue reading

Kicking Charlie Munger In The Gonads! : Interview with Max Keiser!

by Jason Michel

Stop what you are doing & listen to this. Right Now. Max Keiser is a film-maker, broadcaster (BBC, Al Jazeera, Press TV, Russia Today) and former broker and options trader & as far I’m concerned has the most subversive show on TV & the net – bar none. In these fragile economic times Max seems to be one of only a handful of people speaking the damn truth out there in media land about what the fuck is going on with the banks & how the financial system is shafting each & every one of us. He is the Jello Biafra of economics. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask him some very haphazard & fumbling questions on the subject of economics & survive. I’d originally thought to transcribe the interview but after listening to the video I found that it stands up by itself. I’ve decided to publish the raw deal here. Warts & all. 16/10/10

Max‘s website is here :  http://maxkeiser.com/

Tune in to The Keiser Report to keep updated on what the bastards are doing.

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Celluloid -The Story So Far …

Arizona International Film Festival – The Art Of Storytelling

By Matt Dukes Jordan

*Don’t Let Me Drown, 2009, USA

Be Calm and Count to 7, 2008, Iran

Psycho Guru, 2009, USA

The Crimson Mask, 2009, USA*

The cool thing about film festivals is that one can discover hidden, rare, and very innovative films that might not otherwise be widely seen. Along with feature-length films, tons of short films are shown and some are experimental and non-narrative. Unless you search out such films on the internet, you probably won’t see them. It’s good to give them a venue. It’s also good to give indie dramatic features a chance to find an audience and be reviewed… and maybe pick up prizes and distribution. Continue reading