The Beatles perform ‘Some Other Guy’ – The Cavern, Liverpool

by Nick Quantrill

Written by rock and roll legends, Leiber and Stoller, ‘Some Other Guy’ was the obscure Richard Barrett song which helped define the early 1960s Liverpool scene. Released by Atlantic Records, the original version was quickly rearranged from its R&B origins into an all out rocker by Liverpool bands, eager for new sounds. With its heavy beat, savage lead guitar line and rough and ready vocals, it was the perfect raw material from which The Beatles would create their sound. Acknowledged by John Lennon as the song he most wishes he’d written, few Merseybeat bands dared to commit it to record. Certainly, none of the available versions come close to equalling The Beatles version of the song recorded live by Granada Television on August 22nd, 1962 in The Cavern, Liverpool. Capturing the band in front of a devoted crowd, the ingredients that would see the band become the four most famous musicians in the world within the space of two years were already in place. The long Hamburg nights had moulded the tightest of units; Lennon swaggers menacingly in front of his unsteady microphone, McCartney gamely wobbles is head in the manner that would soon become his trademark and the band as a whole is razor sharp. Still waiting for fame to come knocking, this is the definitive document of a band who know they’ll soon own the world, forging a sound that’ll take the far beyond their home city.

Watch it here:

Bio – Nick Quantrill lives and works in Hull.  When not worrying about the fortunes of Hull City AFC or where his next coffee’s coming from, he’s usually writing. His debut novel ‘Broken Dreams‘ is published by

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