I Didn’t Say That, Did I? : Granton City Press are the hot young turks of PULP!

by Paul D Brazill

Granton City Press mastermind Calvin Daniels has banded together a bunch of talented writers and artists to create a selection of modern day pulp novels. And what a rich and varied selection of books they are.

Unit 13 Issue One by Calvin Daniels and Tyrell Tinnin, for example, is a World War One set hybrid of sci-fi, war story, gothic horror  and golden age superheroics.

The Unit in question is a secret task force operating in WWI Germany. The leader is the hardboiled Sgt. Crake who leads a team that includes  a cyborg, a troll and a masked markswoman known only as The Starling.

This is a vivid, fast moving and well written read with a cast of colourful characters I’d like to meet again. And what a great film it would make!

Ghost Wind and The Black Wolf are just a couple more of  Granton City Press’ other titles and all look to be choc full of pulpy goodness.

You can find more information at Granton City Press’ website, which is here:


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