Pony Trip – Equus 4 – The Joshua

By Richard Godwin

Joshua drew them to their gestation and summoned the night from an open coffin.

He told Emmanuel he was Moses and sent him the sign and showed him the doorway through which they would travel.

Alicia and Kate grew heavy with labour and bore the horses within them, the new tribe they would foster and breed.

They would lie naked in the field and try to force the animals from within them hungering for sex with Emmanuel.

And he ushered more women through the still and silent gateway.

Belinda and Jasmine inhabited Toft like wildflowers caught in barbed wire and he snatched them from the wet hedgerow.  Belinda had sparkling eyes and the clearest skin, and her brown hair fell across her shoulders like feathers. Jasmine had lust in her eyes and a hunger for flesh and her black hair smelt of olive groves and the fecund heat of summer.

Emmanuel led them to the farm and they passed through the dripping arch of blood and roses as fleshy leaves fell upon their bodies.

 Emmanuel would fuck Belinda in the earth and ride Jasmine  in the night as she drank blood.

Joshua steered them to the harness he had made and he hung it on the wall.

Emmanuel existed at the farm like an insane prophet with the looks of a god.

One day as the births were nearing he sat the women down and told them.

‘What is Toft but Canaan?’, he said. ‘We must wage war against it.’

They were the tribe and he took Alicia and Kate into the field that day.

They lay and pushed until their bodies burst at the edge and hooves and fur jutted through them. The colt and foal stood and looked at their bestial mothers.

They neighed and dripped placenta.

They waited to be fed.

And feed them they did, Alicia and Kate tending to their needs with the blind devotion of mothers, while Emmanuel fucked Belinda and Jasmine.

Their flesh breathed ecstasy and they soared like vulture whores on the heat of intoxication.

It seemed they died and renewed themselves with each dripping climax that left them hungering for more and the addiction to the offerings of flesh ran deep in their veins and throbbed on their raised heartbeats.

And beneath her flesh lay the insidious weaponry.

Emmanuel took the plough and tilled the field, readying the earth for what was to come next.

Joshua told him and showed him the moving pictures that would bring him to Toft with the army he had at hand.

His women were killers and he honed their violence and aggression with sexual knowing.

He entered them with the persistent penetration of inner stripping. He took them into the nudity of their desires.

He watched as Jasmine undressed, uncoupling the hooks on her lace bodice and he saw beneath her flesh within her breasts were the daggers she would use.

The softness of her skin, her pert nipples were like satisfactions to a summer moon when midnight clouds brush its surface like lace.

He entered Belinda and felt twitch within her cunt the need for killing she harboured and fed with the sultry lies of yielding and ecstasy.

He coupled them at orgasm.

It was a hot day when they rode into Toft.

The horses had grown and their wild eyes were not equine but human. They stared with knowing at the village as they thundered down there.

Emmanuel rode at the fore with the armour he had made from steel wire.

Alicia and Kate entered the first house they came to and dragged the man and woman who lived there from their sleeping bed and mutilated them outside, hacking their flesh to pieces so it was ready.

Belinda and Jasmine found two people in the street and decapitated them.

They went through the village killing every man and women they found.

They stood dripping with blood and flesh at the end of it and looked to Emmanuel for instruction.

He went to them and kissed them all and with stained lips dragged the bodies back to the field, tying them to the horses with ropes.

They buried them in the earth.

As the sun set and hued it with its fecundity they returned to the house where Joshua told Emmanuel what would happen next.

‘We will grow the flesh crops’, Emmanuel told the women. ‘That the field may exist in all time. For you are the mothers of creation the sisters of the pony and the knowers of skin.’

They copulated then all at one with their tribe and spent their living juices in a wash of ritual frenzy.

They fed themselves on the cooked flesh of butchery and slept until the dawn.

And Emmanuel ensured the field bore the crop.

The first yielding was a thick flesh plant whose stem was blood red and smelt of menses.

It bore no thorns but on growing sprouted some sharp spikes like nails that jutted through its green and fragile wrapping.

The vegetables were luxurious, meat fruits grew there and root crops that tasted of bones and heart.

And the field bore so much they ate of it and fed themselves on the produce.

The meat merged with trees and other plants, taking over as a weed that came from the tide of man.

The field smelt of charred flesh in the summer and it looked as though someone had cut it with a knife and it was bleeding.

Joshua explained it was the Joshua.

He told Emmanuel that it would bring the soil to blood in the spring and the fluid would rise and cover the field then settle as more crops grew.

He told him that the women were the natural tribe and he should couple with them and bring forth the hungry tribe of horse men and they would master the harness.

He told him the women needed to be ridden and they were less a breed of humanity than some bridled entity who gave themselves unthinkingly to sin.

He told him to enter them with the stirrups of lust and to let them break their banks and make the field a breeding place with their spent juices.

And so they did.

They ruled Toft that became the hell of a once village.

They were the horse people of Joshua and his field.

And they fed from the earth.

Joshua told them they were spies.

He told them to plough the field.

They learned the dark acts of husbandry and lived beneath a nestled moon.

They rose with the sun and felt its heat stir the growth in the field on which they existed.

Emmanuel impregnated the women and they bore children who stared at the night.

They ate raw flesh and their teeth were sharp.

No one visited there.

The place was unknown.

Joshua farmed and they worked the field and it was fertile.

It needed no rain.

It only needed the plough.

Joshua told them that they were no longer where they thought they were and they had come to Egypt.

14 thoughts on “Pony Trip – Equus 4 – The Joshua”

  1. And so it comes to pass. The prophecy fulfilled. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere,The ceremony of innocence is drowned. What a shattering ride, my friend. Thank you.

  2. the description of the thick fleshy plants with nails instead of thorns was a unique and unforgettable image.

  3. Hey Sugar, take a walk on the wild side…And the coloured girls go, Woe, woe the great village, Toft!

    Bravo, Mr. Godwin! I think this conclusion the well-rounded blackness of the dark Joshua’s commission and command. As if running underneath the biblical Joshua’s conquest of Canaan in an alternative universe.


  4. What is most frightening of all here is that all who are approached follow so willingly. Evil seeks and finds its minions and continues to propagate itself until nothing else remains. The images here, as throughout, are of the makings of Hell itself. It began, has come full circle and is without end. Armageddon.

    Richard, this series is brilliant indeed.

  5. Richard – The rich imagery of your words is almost overwhelming to the senses.

    Remembering my reaction to the previous chapter, I felt a touch of fear… I almost didn’t… but it was those memories that drug me back to this place… to satisfy this dark curiosity… the fantasies conjured by your tale… once started… from the very first sentence… I could not stop… reading each line… storing it away… hungry for the next… the images so vivid… I could almost smell the freshly tilled soil… wipe with the rich blood of womanhood…

    Chilling and haunting… an apocalyptic feel… evil now has free rein… as they swept through the village… killing and feasting… satisfying their beastly, demonic desires… sated for the moment… but soon to rise again… where next will the dark prophet cast his eye?

    Very powerful, Richard… excellent story… the emotions your words evoke… as before… I am left more than a bit breathless… when I close my eyes tonight… will these images come back to me? Part of hopes so… part of me fears they will… perhaps, I will wait for dawn to rise over the horizon before I let sleep take me…

  6. Veronica thank you so much this a great comment to receive. You say in so much detail what moved you about the piece it is great to hear that as a writer, I am glad the images stirred you.

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