Collateral Damage by Charlie Coleman

  “Hey, please, do you have a minute?” said the raven haired, dark skinned Gauguin style beauty leaning out of the BMW. Her words echoed down the deserted street with her soft, caressing voice distilling any anxiety gestated by the surrounding isolation. They echoed off of the nearby bank windows innocently enough. “I only need … Continue reading Collateral Damage by Charlie Coleman

Celluloid -The Story So Far …

Arizona International Film Festival – The Art Of Storytelling By Matt Dukes Jordan *Don’t Let Me Drown, 2009, USA Be Calm and Count to 7, 2008, Iran Psycho Guru, 2009, USA The Crimson Mask, 2009, USA* The cool thing about film festivals is that one can discover hidden, rare, and very innovative films that might … Continue reading Celluloid -The Story So Far …

Music Archives

Mary Byker – Everything’s Groovy! – An interview with Jason Michel Mary Byker has been rocking & moving in his own weird way around the music for decade. From the psychedelic madness of the Gaye Bykers On Acid through the Industrial Grit of Pigface to success with Apollo440.I had to the opportunity to speak to … Continue reading Music Archives

Non-fiction Archives#2

Above Ground : A photo essay by Kristin Fouquet The term “six feet under” has no meaning for the dead in New Orleans. Early settlers discovered coffins and caskets would unearth from graves due to a high water table and sometimes float away during heavy rainfalls. The Spanish custom of interring the deceased in wall … Continue reading Non-fiction Archives#2

Writers Interview June 2010 – U.V. Ray & Richard Godwin

Jason Michel talks to the irrepressible U.V. Ray Q1: Hey, u.v.ray. Tell the readers a bit about yourself. I was a child prodigy. By the time I was just 6 years old I was already well on my way to inventing a self-stirring saucepan. I tell you, if I could have solved the problem of … Continue reading Writers Interview June 2010 – U.V. Ray & Richard Godwin

Fiction#June 2010

Diamonds Inc’ By U.V. Ray Norton saw a spider crawling across his desk. He bought down his glass of Scotch and crushed it. He buzzed his secretary and said, “Send in Offenbach .” Offenbach came in and leaned his black umberella against the wall in the corner of the room. He adjusted his suit and … Continue reading Fiction#June 2010


May 2010  And The Music Lives On by u.v.ray It had been boiling that morning. And later on, when a summer thunderstorm shattered the tense atmosphere, the rain immediately evaporated upon contact with the still hot asphalt. No money left. No smokes. No drink. I was out of almost everything.But I did still have some … Continue reading Fiction#Apr/May/10