Two Flash Fiction Pieces From Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge Metamorphoses Jeff was looking at a tiny cockroach in his living room. The cockroach was looking back at Jeff with its Parisian blue eyes. Jeff thought he was dreaming, because roaches do not have blue eyes. Or, do they? Jeff was trying to fill his blank thoughts … Continue reading Fiction#Feb/Mar/10


The Streets By Jason Michel It started in the streets. Doesn’t everything ? Revolutions. Pop culture. Real change. In the pavement cracks. Widening. A concrete gash. People tripping. Stubbed toes. Scuffed leather boots. Grandmothers with broken legs. Tarmac bending. Tyres screeching. Airbags unleashed. Fibres pushing through pavements. That mad green fuse. We tried to trim … Continue reading Fiction#Dec/Jan09