“The FUN Has Just Begun!” – An Interview with Larry Wessel by Matt Dukes Jordan*

*with daft input from The Dictator*

Ladies & Germs!

If’n you loves strange and unusual cinema, do we have a treat for you.

What do bullfights, legendary cartoonist and painter -Robert Williams, Noise artist – Boyd Rice, and a mask clad amputee video star have in common?

Well, my feathered friends, the answer is THIS MAN :

Larry Wessel the man who knows PNG

Larry Wessel is not a man to shy away from controversy, the weird, or the taboo. A member of the UNPOP art movement, whose collages have appeared in both Hustler and  Answer Me!, his documentaries can shock as they beguile.

Larry was kind enough to chat to us about cinema and his latest project - Eric & Shaye.

ENJOY! Continue reading “The FUN Has Just Begun!” – An Interview with Larry Wessel by Matt Dukes Jordan*

Open Wounds by David Massengill

From The New York Times:  In response to protests in various states, the Secretary of Defense announced that the government has withdrawn all chemical soldiers from Iran. “Our post-operation teams are completing their inspections of the conflict sites,” he told the public yesterday, “and we expect their involvement to be brief and non-violent.”

“I know two members of my team are missing,” Abe spoke into his radio.  “But we’ve searched every room of this palace and now we’re doing a double-check.  The Marines are going door-to-door in the village.  I’ll radio as soon as I’m done with my check and then you can start the fireworks.  This building’s going down today, Ben.  That’s an order.  I want us back in Tehran by 1700 hours so we can finish all our inspections on schedule.” Continue reading Open Wounds by David Massengill

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