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Why Not Teach English Abroad? Non-Fiction by Matt Kent

(Editor’s note: Matt has wholeheartedly allowed me to vent my difference of opinion & give my tuppence  on this piece. So I have.)

Deciding to teach English abroad is not a career choice; it is an abandonment of career choices. Seen justly as the Continue reading Why Not Teach English Abroad? Non-Fiction by Matt Kent

Supermarkets And Their Role In A New World Order by Matt Kent

Supermarkets are held in contempt by many, with the charge-sheet against them being long and varied. To the aesthete they are ugly, uniform and bland. To the socially-conscious they are anti-local, anti-environment, anti-worker. To the individualist they represent the triumph of the many over the one, the mass-produced over the hand-crafted, the factory over the artisan.

These criticisms are obviously valid. And just as obviously futile. For the rise to dominance of the supermarket was and is unstoppable. Their popularity, their ubiquity, is a result of two of the most powerful currents in our society: the economic monopoly of multinational companies, coupled with the deepening passivity and helplessness of their customers. That is, supermarkets thrive not only because of economies of scale, town-planning and a craven political culture, but because they cater to that most depressing of modern desires: convenience, under Continue reading Supermarkets And Their Role In A New World Order by Matt Kent

Tim Hall – Business Reply Mail

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About 15 years ago I got so sick of those BRCs that fall out of magazines that I began painting/writing nasty messages on them and mailing them back, then liked them so much I began keeping them for myself. It’s my medium, my amanuensis…even my oeuvre, you might say ...”

“Tim Hall’s latest book is How America Died.

Buy it here:  http://undiepress.timhallbooks.com)

PMM’s Guide To Modern Life#1

Don’t Get Angry, Get Confusin’! By Jason Michel

“I’m not confused. I’m just well mixed.” – Robert FrostOne of the best ways to combat the petty (remember “petty” comes from the French “petite” meaning small) that trample their insecurities in front of us in our already pitiful day-to-day working existence is the good ol’ Confusion Continue reading PMM’s Guide To Modern Life#1