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PMM’s Birthday Party – The Cocktail Lounge Returns (Well, it is the season to be jolly …)

Peaches and cream are one thing, but spiced pears all sauced up in booze is quite another. This warm lil’ number is Continue reading PMM’s Birthday Party – The Cocktail Lounge Returns (Well, it is the season to be jolly …)

Cocktail Lounge – Flyin’ High Pomtini & Lavender Lemonade Martini

Pomegranates? How easy are those to find for a Stellar’s Jay? Not fuckin’ very. But a good martini is worth lugging huge fruit in one’s talons. A good martini is worth just about any inconvenience. If you’re a simp. Dirty Bird prefers to simply lift the juice from the nearest convenient store rather than pick the pulp from around the seeds after a capricious flight home from the pomegranate field. Wherever you get your heady pom-juice, it makes for a sweet-tart refreshing sort of cocktail. Pomtinis will add lift to your flight. But be careful, they go down easy.

Dirty Bird is always on the look-out for something to cool him down on hot summer days. One afternoon, outside his secret cabin in the forest, Dirty was drinking martinis—as he likes to. He passed out after staggering toward the lavender patch to inhale their uplifting odors. When he came-to, he’d saved his cocktail (of course), though it was full of lavender blossoms. He drank it down after doing his best to blow the purple flower-cups out of his glass. Its flowery finish refreshed Dirty like sunshine spring-water splashing off chiming stones. He went straight to his mixing-lab, snatching up a glassful of flowers on his way. After a day of experimenting, many recipes were born. This one with lemonade comes closest to the refreshing experience of awakening in one’s garden, surprised and delighted by the luck of letting Nature pick a bed of flowers for one’s nap.

Cocktail Lounge#To Drink Or To Drink …

Mocha Martini & Strawberry Martini

Chocolate is like sex. Coffee is like sex. Vodka, sex. This drink is all about sex. Continue reading Cocktail Lounge#To Drink Or To Drink …