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Fall By Jason Duke

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Last Days to Nowhere by Jason Duke

The road winds and passes through the mountains of the High Mohave Desert. I see white wooden crosses along the side, etched or painted with names of car accident fatalities. Multi-hued flower wreaths and ribbons adorn the crosses, colorful and bright, signed by loved ones and strangers alike. Hundreds of people died along this road. There are only a handful of crosses.

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An Interview With Jason Duke

By Jason Michel

Jason Duke writes hard, truthful stories. He should do. He’s seen more carnage than the average pen/pun-pusher. Than you or me. I was lucky enough to interview him.

Q1: Hey Jason! Who are you? Where are you? How are you?
Tell us a little about Jason Duke.

I’m from Phoenix, but I grew up in San Diego. Got into all kinds of trouble as a kid, drugs, gangs, shit like that. I dropped out of high school, earned a GED. It Continue reading An Interview With Jason Duke


May 2010

 And The Music Lives On by u.v.ray
It had been boiling that morning. And later on, when a summer thunderstorm shattered the tense atmosphere, the rain immediately evaporated upon contact with the still hot asphalt. No money left. No smokes. No drink. I was out of almost everything.But I did still have some luck left. Continue reading Fiction#Apr/May/10