Scrag by Jason Beech

The walk to Shepherd’s Bush station can put a skip in your step when the sun paints rays across the street. It can make even those tower blocks, standing over the station like hard men glaring at the commuters, look inviting. However, it helps to look up from the pavement. The only problem with that is possible eye contact with strangers. I’ve forgotten how to act around them. And not just Continue reading Scrag by Jason Beech

Pick up by Aidan Thorn

Eddie peeled an arm from a bar top sticky with spilt liquor and tipped a spent glass in the barman’s direction, the universal gesture for another drink. Eddie wasn’t hard to spot even in a crowded room, that the bar was empty made it even easier. The barman nodded and hooked up a fresh glass.
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Over the Wall by Jenny Thomson

“How was the journey, Inspector Waddell?” said the mayor. “Any problems?”
He was a short, hefty man with a hearty smile and weathered complexion you only got from years of hard graft out on the fields.
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The Double by Dr. Mel Waldman

Donna was two separate people :
– the thrill-seeking gorgeous dame men died for.
– the cripple who retreated from the world after a tragic event.

It happened on a long, sultry August night. After boozing and making love to Johnnie Walker Red, she had driven 100 miles an hour on the FDR Drive, crashed, and demolished her old Plymouth Fury. Continue reading The Double by Dr. Mel Waldman

72 Reality Virgins: A Chalk Short Story by Carac Allison

Girls selling their virginity online is almost commonplace. It doesn’t exactly happen all the time. But when it does it’s a known enough reality that little explanation is required.
This was not one girl selling her virginity.
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