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Fateopia by John McNeeley

“FREE SAMPLE! FREE SAMPLE!” the Japanese woman yelled while hoisting a plastic fork in the air, spiked with Orange Chicken from the take-out window of Grill X. Faxon was a sucker for their Orange Chicken, but it would have been even better if it were free sushi. Free was free he thought, and who was he to complain? He moved swiftly toward the window. The woman leaned out, smiled warmly, and gave up the fork. As Faxon walked away smacking his lips, she called out “OH! Don’t forget free fortune, today only, here your cookie!” Faxon Continue reading Fateopia by John McNeeley

The Man Who Could Care Less by John McNeeley

Fuck those people Bucky thought to himself. It was 1995 and he hated Bill Clinton. He hated George Bush the previous president too. Bucky despised all politicians and most people in general. He loved Jazz though.

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The Last Of The Rock Stars by John McNeeley

My friends and colleagues ask me how I landed the exclusive one on one interview of a lifetime. Did I score him the best coke he’s ever snorted?  I don’t have a dealer, I don’t score coke. I did not beg, kiss ass, give up my first born, nor did I have to meet the devil at the crossroads to get facetime with Alister Horton, AKA “Aggs Notorious” As it turns out, yours Continue reading The Last Of The Rock Stars by John McNeeley

The Apartment by John McNeeley

There were five of them in there, not all the time but most of the time. Four of them were stoic but one of them was Continue reading The Apartment by John McNeeley

“Who’s Daphne?” by John McNeeley

“She was a black star” Hatman said

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“LIE STEEL!” by John McNeeley

It had been close to two years since my last dental cleaning. I had been in LA for a year now with no real job to speak Continue reading “LIE STEEL!” by John McNeeley