Ladies & Germs,

PMM will be on an extended hiatus until… who knows when, who knows where, but I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day and is no longer accepting any submissions.

The Dictator


If you would like to submit to PMM then read the stories to see what we are about, join the Facebook Group, like the Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter (See sidebar for social media), and pitch me your story ideas (Please DO NOT send the whole story) via the CONTACT FORM, or the FACEBOOK PAGE. You will get the opportunity to join the MAILING LIST along with other past and present contributors where I will send a MONTHLY NEWSLETTER concerning their up and coming projects


Guidelines For The Invited:

1: Please send all text submissions attached in .doc or OpenOffice with a third person bio in your submission. No double-spacing, manual tabs or fancy fonts. Separate sections with an asterisk.

2: Subject line should read “Submissions/” plus category below.

3: Please do not send any poetry. Don’t get me wrong. I like what I like but the majority leaves me cold and most people ain’t no Robinson Jeffers, Dylan Thomas or Blake. There are thousands of potential homes on the net for your work. But not here.

4: I produce this magazine out of love for writing and am in no position to pay for submissions. I hope you get your satisfaction from just being published as I do from reading your work.

5: All Copyright, of course, stays with the author.

Odd Fiction: No more than 2,500 words. No less than one. Genre-hopping fiction sought after. Music inspired fiction very welcome. No Bukowski copyists please. The world has enough. I want to see something to make my socks disintegrate. I want to see the pages bleed the acid of your imagination. I want to see something to make me think as well as feel. Demanding, ain’t I?

Non-Fiction: Essays, reviews & mumblings on all things weird are in demand. Whatever your fevered minds want to tell us. Same length as Fiction applies. Gonzo-style accepted.

Art/Comics: Sci-fi/ Horror inspired are cool but anything downright weird is very welcome. Let your imagination go rubber-room nuts.



Please feel free to download.





13 thoughts on “Submissions”

  1. Hi Jason, I’ll send you a couple of messages re: the spelling of Scorsese in the title. It was my fault when I originallt wrote the piece and called the file “Scorcese”

  2. Greetings,

    I am intrested in sending you my book for review, all 69,000 words of it but that is too many words for your standards. Its really good. I wanted to know if I should just send it without really giving a FUCK! Please let me know. Your missing out on a classic.

  3. I am interested in running a test market for several Syfy books in the making.

    Would this be a good place to start, for people interested in the test chapter, I would simply refer them to this URL


  4. William, PMM will NOT be involved in any “market testing”.

    It promotes individual writers through their writing, reviews & interviews only.

    Send me a short story & I’ll decide whether it cuts the mustard. If so, I ‘ll put it on the site.


  5. Sent my first submission to PMM and I was wondering what the lead time was on responses. It’s only been a couple of days, but I was just curious. Thanks much.

  6. Hi,

    I’d like to submit a short story for consideration to be included in Pulp Metal Magazine. It is approximately 1,200 words. Would it be okay if I sent it in?

    Yours sincerely,
    Margarete Schulz.

      1. Hello. My name is Mr. Sinister. a.k.a. Robert Smuin. I am interested in joining your roup on faces book so that I might link you to some of my art. It is very dark in nature and somthing you my be interested in seeing. There are more than one Robert Smuin on Facebook. So if you would just invite us all. We all would be into this magazine.

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