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Paradise Burns: An Interview with Marc E Fitch

MarcEFitchMarc E Fitch writes dark, pulpy fiction, tackling subjects of mythology and morality. His writing clearly shows his intelligence, humor and a unique perspective on human nature. He joins me today to talk about his latest book Paradise Burns recently released by Damnation Books.

By Mav Skye.

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Iris by Mav Skye

Leaves crunch under your boots. The air you breathe is harsh and crisp, it stings like a knife in your chest. You cough into your glove. Pull your jacket closer. Birdcalls and squirrel chatter tell you it’s morning. Not that it matters. You’ve been in the dark for years now.

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Feral Things : An interview with Erin Cole

by Mav Skye

ErinCole2 Erin Cole is a dark, mischievous writer. She plants stars in your eyes while sewing midnight into your soul. I read everything she puts outs, always anxious to unlock the mysteries woven through her work. She kindly joins me today at Pulp Metal Magazine to talk about her latest release FERAL THINGS from Damnation Books.


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Psychopathy: An Interview with Tina Taylor

By Mav Skye

Psychopathy. Scientists have been stumped and mystified about this condition for decades. The rules of the psychopath game are constantly changing, making it easier than ever for the predator to prey on the naïve. And to make matters worse, Hollywood’s fascination with sensational psychos and its lack of interest in facts has led to a plethora of misconceptions on the subject.

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Smashing Roxy by Mav Skye

Blondie smashed Roxy with a pumpkin, a plump, orange, glorious pumpkin as round and vivacious as the moon was full. She smashed Roxy with the pumpkin’s thick stem straight through one of her blue eyes, and then through the other, over and over and over, until blood streamed and steamed into the frosty grass.

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Spyglass and the Skull by Mav Skye

(One year before SUPERGIRLS tale takes place)

The forest is creepy, dark and deep, and we got a date with Johnny Depp to keep. Pirates of the Caribbean to be exact. My sister May and I’ve watched it a million times, and probably will a million times more if we can get this buried treasure shit over with.

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Awake by Mav Skye

1. Truth

If it feels too good to be true, it is.

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