After dark, I’ll return to the crimson room at the top of the stairs, my tiny home in the seedy part of town, where the junkies and alkies O.D. on a cornucopia of poisons and feast on freaky visions. But in the early morning or afternoon, I sit in Eros Park and count the myriad objects of beauty. Some mornings, I come to the park about an hour before dawn. I wait for the light, the crepuscular insects, and a glorious, gold sunrise. I take a few deep breaths, close my eyes, and listen to the holy rhythm that soothes me, and imagine I’m floating in a sun-baked ocean or lying in the hot iridescent sand on a pristine beach below a tropical sun. And I listen to the melodious ebb and flow of the turquoise waves. Continue reading THE CRIMSON ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS By Dr. Mel Waldman

The Perfect Clue by Cecelia Chapman


The Perfect Clue was influenced by the films Les Vampires and Irma Vep, the bandolera La Carambada (, and other unapologetic female bandits, and ‘The absolute rule’, as explained in Jean Baudrillard’s The Perfect Crime.
With: Blaine Reininger track of the punk band TuxedoMoon, he has allowed me to use many of his tracks
in my video. Christa Hunter has performed with me for ten years and Jeff Crouch who has collaborated with me by email and post for ten years.


BIO : Cecelia Chapman is a visual artist working in digital media.

Blizzard of Ought-not by Guinotte Wise

This is conjecture, but
The crane was there, of that I’m sure.
The sand hills. Nebraska.
His feathers ruffled as he was facing south
and the northwest wind was a little stiffer than
yesterday, and it got some head gears moving
some atavistic cuckoo clock so he
quit fishing and did that liftoff you just
wouldn’t bet money on, headed south.

Continue reading Blizzard of Ought-not by Guinotte Wise

Hot Air by William E. Wallace

Nicky Dolman came out of the men’s room at the Blue Door Lounge wiping his hands on his pant legs.

Continue reading Hot Air by William E. Wallace

A Mister and his Destiny by Bobby D. Lux

I parked my car three blocks away on Fern under a street light. My OCD kicked in and I rechecked the glove box and under the center armrest. Both were still empty because I cleared them out two hours ago. Sometimes you have to proof even your own work. I felt under the rear wheel well and the tracker was nice and secure. Continue reading A Mister and his Destiny by Bobby D. Lux

Paranoid by Sonia Kilvington

They would lay in wait outside of the shops at the mall in the afternoons. I would catch threatening glimpses of their vivid orange robes as they lingered in shady doorways, waiting for an opportunity to lure me away. I was already on their radar and I’m not sure how I got there. Maybe it was something to do with the weird phone calls; disembodied voices would ask for me using my name, Frank, and then refuse to speak. It felt as though they were trying to bait me, waiting for me to reveal myself to them, through my fear. Continue reading Paranoid by Sonia Kilvington

Winter X Shotgun by BAM

I was cold to the bone from the winter chill, and then there was that woman . . . her shotgun pointed at me throughout the drive. How she could travel along the snowy road just fine and hold her double barrel one-handed like so, with her other hand firmly on the wheel, I’d never know. Her little sister used to say she was skilled with a gun. I had no idea.

Continue reading Winter X Shotgun by BAM

I FEAR THE DAWN by Dr. Mel Waldman

I fear the dawn. The night and its soothing darkness are my cocoon. They protect me from an unknown danger. But when the crepuscular insects and I rise with the savage light of dawn, my fragile heart begins to pound. Thump! Thump! Thump! The pounding gets louder and faster. Soon, my hands tremble and my shattered soul case-my mortal shell of flesh-shakes uncontrollably. I fear I will die! I pop a couple pills to calm my nerves. I black out. Continue reading I FEAR THE DAWN by Dr. Mel Waldman

TATTOOED EYEBROWS by Richard Godwin.

One of the best pieces of advice that anyone gave me at that time, came from a Moldovan hooker.  Continue reading TATTOOED EYEBROWS by Richard Godwin.

The Matador by Catfish McDaris

Pancho killed the bulls with flair. Continue reading The Matador by Catfish McDaris

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