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Buttercup by Julia Madeleine

I met her on the ferry heading to Victoria Island. She was alone, standing by the railing snapping pictures of the scenery. A girl in a ruffled skirt, early twenties, dark hair spilling in exquisite curls down the back of her denim jacket, pale legs smooth as ivory in the afternoon sun. She was an obvious tourist.
Of course I approached her. Was never one to let an opportunity pass me by, especially when it fell into my lap.
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Writers Interview: Julia Madeleine by Paul D. Brazill

On the west side of Toronto there’s a little town of about 600,000 called Mississauga. That’s where Julia Madeleine lives and works and writes nasty little tales of mayhem and suspense.  She’s also a tattoo artist and runs a shop with her husband. You can check out her artwork at www.malefictattoos.com


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Skin And Bones by Julia Madeleine

Marlene always knew that when Ernie took out his teeth and set them on the bar, there would be trouble. And tonight Continue reading Skin And Bones by Julia Madeleine


May 2010

 And The Music Lives On by u.v.ray
It had been boiling that morning. And later on, when a summer thunderstorm shattered the tense atmosphere, the rain immediately evaporated upon contact with the still hot asphalt. No money left. No smokes. No drink. I was out of almost everything.But I did still have some luck left. Continue reading Fiction#Apr/May/10