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A Christmas in Hell by Kevin Atherton

We couldn’t believe it. The bastard’s house was lit up like a hooker’s face on her first real date. Ed and I snuck up to the Continue reading A Christmas in Hell by Kevin Atherton

Ed’s Chickens by Kevin Atherton

Ed and Jimmy were drivin’ around in the country lookin’ for a car to steal when they saw Continue reading Ed’s Chickens by Kevin Atherton

Whore House by Kevin Atherton

The job went smooth enough, we got the jewels, and Ed didn’t even kill anybody. I’ve spent a buncha time with the freak on the problems that creates. Figured I’d get him laid as a reward, but the only way that was happenin’ was a whore. Ed’s ugly as a boil on a leper’s ass.

Frank said it was the best whore house around, but that was like sayin’ diarrhea on your cheerios would lead to a lovely morning. You know how a whore will put on an act about likin’ it and you don’t give a shit whether they do or not? These girls seemed like they’d won the lottery and gettin’ a dick rammed up their ass was all part of some carnival-like atmosphere assigned to whoredom. Frank’s always been full of shit and now he fits the image. His mouth looks just like his asshole ‘cause I knocked out his front teeth and the stitched-up lips have a nice puckery effect.

The door was dark mahogany and had etchings of women doin’ weird crap to pigs. In one they were fuckin’ ‘em and in the next, they were eatin’ ‘em. This bothered me some, but the two twits saw it as some kind of good omen —like pig sex Continue reading Whore House by Kevin Atherton