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Simple by B.R. Stateham

Sitting in the darkness of the car parallel parked beside a row of sleazy porno shops. The interior of the car occasionally lit up by the flashing monstrosity of a neon sign advertising Nina’s Peek-a-Boobs strip club. Two men. Both draped in heavy over coats and wearing thin leather gloves. Both staring into the night. Each looking in a different direction down an empty street and an empty sidewalk.

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Heroes by B.R. Stateham


We all need them. In a world filled with bad guys, bad times, and bad memories, heroes are the one set of safety pins that keep us all from going irretrievably insane.

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Hamm and Bean by B.R. Stateham

She looked up from her desk and saw the lieutenant standing in the door space of his little cubicle looking at her. A hand came up and he used a finger to silently summons her to enter his den.

And then he turned and glared at Detective Sergeant Mike Bean. That same long, boney, pasty colored finger of his made the same silent summons. She watched the big bear of a man push his chair back, throw the pen he had been using down angrily on his desk and scowl. But he came to his feet and start lumbering toward the lieutenant’s office.

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