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The Black-Hearted Beat

“Sirens howl like wolves in the distance, screams haunt your dreams…”

Listen to the complete first playlist of PMM Dictator’s online Neo-Noir fiction series.

Jude Mortimer is an ex war-correspondent haunted by his past and caught in a murderous game.

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“All Manner of Hell Breaks Loose” – Ryan Bracha Interview

by Jason Michel

Ryan Brachas writing is not for the faint hearted. I think I can 10882117_450178141800670_3959561708618762919_nsay that with confidence. His stories are transgressive and smeared with a gallows humour dripping around the chops. He is the best selling author of Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven’t Killed Yet and the Dead Man Trilogy. Take a trip into the darkest corners of his mind as he talks to me about dwarves, ninjas, and his latest supernatural thriller, The Switched, his blackest work yet.

To quote : “It’s basically a look at what would happen if the most fucked up people in the country just inexplicably woke up as one another, with no grasp of the concept of consequence. It’s funny.”


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“The FUN Has Just Begun!” – An Interview with Larry Wessel by Matt Dukes Jordan*

*with daft input from The Dictator*

Ladies & Germs!

If’n you loves strange and unusual cinema, do we have a treat for you.

What do bullfights, legendary cartoonist and painter –Robert Williams, Noise artist – Boyd Rice, and a mask clad amputee video star have in common?

Well, my feathered friends, the answer is THIS MAN :

Larry Wessel the man who knows PNG

Larry Wessel is not a man to shy away from controversy, the weird, or the taboo. A member of the UNPOP art movement, whose collages have appeared in both Hustler and  Answer Me!, his documentaries can shock as they beguile.

Larry was kind enough to chat to us about cinema and his latest project Eric & Shaye.

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Filling Space : An interview with Julia Tourianski

By Jason Michel

Julia Tourianski is a film maker, a writer, a self-confessed anarchist and one of a loose group of young and, of course, tech-savvy rebels fundraisingthat Paul Rosenberg named “The Bitcoin Kids“.  They do not give two shits about your, my, nor any government’s, approval in order to reshape, what they see as the corrupt culture and society inherited from older generations with the new technological culture that they were born into. She kindly agreed to be interviewed.

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Waiting To Take You Away By Jason Michel



The man blinks five times. Twice slowly with effort. Three times fast. His eyes are adjusting to the light of the room. There is no sunlight here. The sun has gone a long, long way from here. There is the smell of damp from the aged and tired wooden table to the side of me. The natural whiff of decay.

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Seraphim Blues By Jason Michel


Spoken in a whisper.

Whistling through the sorrow stained alleyways of my memories on the wings of drunken white doves.

That name.

That girl.

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The Wild Hunt by Jason Michel

I remember the first time I saw them.

On a scale of 1 to 10 of depressing journeys, this one had begun as a 9.99er.

The RER train was going from the centre of Paris to a faceless bourgeois suburb. I should have seen the signs on the platform at Chatelet Les Halles. Sat on a cold concrete bench was a tramp. He was wearing a rotten suit jacket and woolly hat. Holes in the elbows and pockets. Dark turtle neck jumper. Scuffed and shitty trainers. And that was it. His cock and balls lay flaccidly between legs. Flaccid. Thank the gods for small mercies. It was minus three out in the street. I wondered aimlessly how he had managed to get Continue reading The Wild Hunt by Jason Michel

PMM’s Birthday Party! – The Wrong Mind by Jason Michel

The small notebook lay on the table. Next to it lay a ballpoint pen. The old man stared at it. He walked around the Continue reading PMM’s Birthday Party! – The Wrong Mind by Jason Michel

Kicking Charlie Munger In The Gonads! : Interview with Max Keiser!

by Jason Michel

Stop what you are doing & listen to this. Right Now. Max Keiser is a film-maker, broadcaster (BBC, Al Jazeera, Press TV, Russia Today) and former broker and options trader & as far I’m concerned has the most subversive show on TV & the net – bar none. In these fragile economic times Max seems to be one of only a handful of people speaking the damn truth out there in media land about what the fuck is going on with the banks & how the financial system is shafting each & every one of us. He is the Jello Biafra of economics. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask him some very haphazard & fumbling questions on the subject of economics & survive. I’d originally thought to transcribe the interview but after listening to the video I found that it stands up by itself. I’ve decided to publish the raw deal here. Warts & all. 16/10/10

Max‘s website is here :  http://maxkeiser.com/

Tune in to The Keiser Report to keep updated on what the bastards are doing.

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