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I Love June by 2011

The synthetic packet of eight cooked chicken pieces stared at him illogically. “There are more chicken pieces if I want them, but less if I don’t,” Jack was thinking to himself, facing into the fridge. He wasn’t good at thinking.

“Bitch,” he muttered, “Bitch.”

The Bitch was thinking at least I left some chicken pieces; they should calm him down, like a comforter, a drum stick as a comforter; she half wanted to laugh at the picture of Jack with a drumstick sticking out of his mouth. The other half of her wanted to jam the drumstick into his gullet so he choked to death and collapsed blue and dead on the Continue reading I Love June by 2011

The Angel of London by 2011

When the swallows have run, the sky is darker, tender in the chugging glow of clouds under sodium. Our embers tinge the hug of night, tinge the fat drops of autumn rain, tinge the grunt of buses, and the queues of names waiting to find a home. The doorways from the bus shelters, the corner offices, the trains, are dripping with acceptance, with anxious contentments, with weary stresses carried in holdalls and briefcases, laptops and purses. There is a street; a figure scurries in slow motion; there is a flicker before a window, the window of a terrace. A celestial angel sits faceless inside, white glowed by a television. I am on the street; I look in; you are home.

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“As the second decade of the 21st Century started; profits were such that mass starvation, inevitable though it was, was Continue reading I REMEMBER THAT DAY SHE CAME LIKE A SEAL By 2011

A Day On Mars by 2011

The sound of snow, melting in the dark, dirty, trodden with earth, is so quiet that you can hear its eerie crystalinity Continue reading A Day On Mars by 2011

HARMONY by 2011

When the machine writes a story, it will be including bits of her life, bits of her thoughts, bits of her trials overcome.  Continue reading HARMONY by 2011