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Are You Happy? by Benjamin Imamovic

So Jimmy told me he wants to marry Alyssa and I know he knows I hate him for bringing it up. Jimmy and Alyssa have been going out for a year. Is going out even a good description of their relationship? It sounds too nice almost, too much like something real couples would do. Jimmy and Alyssa aren’t even an item in my eyes. She is going to leave the bum any day now. It won’t even be her leaving him.

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Push by Benjamin Imamovic

The doctor staggers down the hallway with my wife’s file in his hands. He looks like the kid that everyone picked on in Continue reading Push by Benjamin Imamovic

Bread and Coffee and Cigarettes by Benjamin Imamovic

Earlier, she kissed you goodbye and gone off to buy bread and coffee and cigarettes. The windows and the blinds are shut and it is dark. You will let the air in later, when it is cooler. For now, the room Continue reading Bread and Coffee and Cigarettes by Benjamin Imamovic

The Strangers by Benjamin Imamovic

There were two of them. She was washing the dishes when they came. She couldn’t see them. The strangers were two shadows with the sun behind their backs. One of them said, ‘Open up, ma’am. Police.’ She glanced at the clock and sighed. They were not her husband.

She left the security door locked. She said, ‘What can I do for you?’ ‘Do you mind if we come in? It’s about your husband. We need to speak to you about your husband.’ ‘It’s a scorcher out here,’ the other one said. He pushed his badge against the metal mesh of the door. With his other hand he wiped his forehead. ‘We won’t be long.’

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Before It Dies by Benjamin Imamovic

It will stop the stretch-marks and give you a chance to bond with the little one, his wife said and passed him a bottle of coconut oil. He turned off the TV. He said, Sure, I’ll give it a go. He knelt on the floor before her. At first his wife’s stomach was half a beach-ball, then a swallowed balloon, then a watermelon, then his childhood dreams. He kept at it and said, Nice. After she gave birth, he oiled that stomach, when Continue reading Before It Dies by Benjamin Imamovic