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Requiem by Katy O’Dowd

‘I will miss you.’

‘So you have said.’

‘Do you have to go?’

‘I do.’

‘Will you come back to warm an old man’s bed again?’

‘I will.’

Lacrimosa’s heart, supposing she had one, felt suspiciously heavy. She didn’t like the feeling. He was just another conquest after all.

‘Then come. Time grows near and we have taken too much of it already when we should have been preparing.’ Continue reading Requiem by Katy O’Dowd

Lacrimosa by Katy O’Dowd

There was something magical about travelling through summer’s dusk.

She sat in companionable silence with him, enjoying his company. He had already started in on the bottle of gin and she knew that soon he would weep. But for now it was good. She felt none of the usual anticipation she usually had before a kill, and wasn’t sure why.

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Writer’s Interviews – Katy O’Dowd speaks to Jason Michel

Ladies & Gentlemen …

Welcome to the foggy, cobble streets & blood splattered clockwork world of the sublime Steampunktress Katy O’Dowd.

I had a little chat …

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Whiff of Poe by Katy O’Dowd

Lord Wilton – Wiltie to his many friends, though whether they are fair-weather or not is up for discussion, but not perhaps during this story – lifts his head and looks at his tormentor. He cannot see very well, as one of his eyes is fully closed and blood runs from a wound at his scalp into the other. His face is a mess, and the blood has dripped onto his smart evening wear, Continue reading Whiff of Poe by Katy O’Dowd