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Never as Hard as You Thought by John Grochalski

I was walking toward my car, carrying a garbage bag full of my shit.  It was hung over my back and I probably looked lack a sad-sack Santa Claus.  I was coming from the home of Mary Bermiano.  We’d broken up the week before.  We’d had another one of our vicious arguments over the phone, only this time it got a little bit out of hand.  I was at her home to collect my various personal effects at her request.  Mary had broken up with me because I had not been around much since the summer ended.  I had become more Continue reading Never as Hard as You Thought by John Grochalski

Fiction#June 2010

Diamonds Inc’ By U.V. Ray

Norton saw a spider crawling across his desk. He bought down his glass of Scotch and crushed it. He buzzed his secretary and said, “Send in Offenbach .”

Offenbach came in and leaned his black umberella against the wall in the corner of the room. He adjusted his suit and sat down in the leather chair opposite Norton, crossing his legs.

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 Two Flash Fiction Pieces From Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge


Jeff was looking at a tiny cockroach in his living room. The cockroach was looking back at Jeff with its Parisian blue eyes.

Jeff thought he was dreaming, because roaches do not have blue eyes. Or, do they? Jeff was trying to fill his blank thoughts with something. Anything. He was holding his breath, frozen in time, hesitating to stomp on the roach.