The Lost History Of Ketlingr By Kate Laity

The little-lamented dissolution of the pseudo-galdr heavy metal band Ketlingr ended a prospective career in magic as well as music. As musicians, the band seldom rose above the level of thrash metal cacophony. Their lyrics were the strongest part of their collective work and with their website being taken down for non-payment, it Continue reading The Lost History Of Ketlingr By Kate Laity

Birds By Richard Godwin

“I’m telling you she’s got a parrot stuck up her arse,” Micky said.

Jo-Jo stirred his coffee.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m saying Nancy has always liked birds, right? I managed to get her to shave it down to two fucking birds, two parrots to be exact, and one of them has gone missing.”

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Rapid Cycling By Russ Bickerstaff

I am holding a vaguely reassuring gun at some pasty, grizzled mess of a guy I have never seen before. I ask him what time the time is. Numbers tumble out of his mouth in a curious order.

If he’s right, I have only been out for five minutes.

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Sugar Cookie’s By Alec Cizak

Cookie Doyle said, “Aren’t you broads in step yet?”  She stared at Cynthia.  The girl had gathered the other dancers near the door to the kitchen.  For support, or something.

Joyce Crowley said, “What the hell’s that mean?”

“You know damn well,” said Cookie.  Good grief.  If she called her husband, Butch, he’d slap them and tell them to get back to work.  “Well,” she said, “who’s got a plug?”

The girls looked at each other.

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