NightFlight by Cecelia Chapman


Nightflight is a film by Cecelia Chapman with the Austrian musician Susanne Hafenscher and Texas based artist Jeff Crouch photographs. Cecelia Chapman is Continue reading NightFlight by Cecelia Chapman

Pineapple by Charlie Coleman

“Gannon, where have you been?”

“I just had a short stay courtesy of the New York State correctional system. I got one of those weekend getaway deals kinda like you see advertised by the Marriott or Hilton dudes.”

“What happened?”

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Hamm and Bean by B.R. Stateham

She looked up from her desk and saw the lieutenant standing in the door space of his little cubicle looking at her. A hand came up and he used a finger to silently summons her to enter his den.

And then he turned and glared at Detective Sergeant Mike Bean. That same long, boney, pasty colored finger of his made the same silent summons. She watched the big bear of a man push his chair back, throw the pen he had been using down angrily on his desk and scowl. But he came to his feet and start lumbering toward the lieutenant’s office.

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PVC Boy by Allen Taylor

My brother is made entirely of PVC pipe. Nearly, completely, limb to limb.

And I mean that literally. It happened one piece at a time.

One summer three years ago he was playing a game of pickup basketball. Being as tall as he is, he is able to jump and touch basketball hoops, hang from them like Christmas Continue reading PVC Boy by Allen Taylor

“HARD KNOCKS” by Michael Keenaghan

It was summer and I was going nowhere. I was on the dole and skint.

“I’ve got the perfect solution – the answer to all your problems,” Rob said, as we sat outside the pub, drinks on him.

“No thanks, Rob,” I said, before even asking. Rob’s ventures required the kind of luck I just wasn’t born with. Rob managed to dabble in all sorts, maintaining a jail-free existence, while those around him got banged up like one-two-three. It wasn’t worth it.

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