Eating The Goo-ies by Jake Berry Ellison Jr.

Working on the principle that things are always worse than you think, Adam ordered another pint and asked the tattooed bartender if he’d heard about it.

“I’ve heard just about everything,” the guy said. He opened the tap on the Manny’s and filled the glass. He placed it on the circular coaster. “What’s it now?”

“Maybe it will be on the news. I don’t want to spoil it.”

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Blessings by Pete Risley

Ain’t saying nothin’, Ronnie tells himself. He jounces anxiously in his seat, breathing through his nose; the bus passes the Rite-Aid on Greenwood. Never did. He never called nobody no nigger, not since that one time in school and got in trouble. Don’t say the n-word. You can’t. But they call white people names. Back in school they did him: Whitey, whiteass motherfucker, pecker, what was it? Peckerwood. Retard special ed white boy, they called him. They were in LD too, but he always was the one they picked on. Not just n-word, white kids Continue reading Blessings by Pete Risley

Wreckage by Shannon Barber

            The music was loud.  It drowned the sound of the buzzing motor and the surrounding world.  Angry little ideas swirled in her head; she accelerated, faster and faster, until her thoughts were suspended in a freefall of speed and noise. 
            Julie’s cell biology lab would begin in half an hour.  I feel like shit, she thought. Debate over.
            Going to class was the last thing that she needed right now, anyway.  Playing nice with the Stepford students while in the back of her mind she was counting down the minutes to when she would be evicted was not her idea of a relaxing Friday afternoon.  She would have to find something to do — a distraction that would numb her.