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Electric Wizard – “Black Masses” review by Marc Lissenburg

It was always going to take something special to wake me from my beautiful ‘Depressive Black Metal’ rapture. Those Continue reading Electric Wizard – “Black Masses” review by Marc Lissenburg

Them Monstrous Blues by Chris Deal

Goodloe Byron could be considered an idiosyncratic fellow: of the three books he has published, REVISIONS OF, THE ABSTRACT, and THE WRAITH, not a one is available in stores, but out on the streets. That’s not said in some cliché, Continue reading Them Monstrous Blues by Chris Deal

The Beatles perform ‘Some Other Guy’ – The Cavern, Liverpool

by Nick Quantrill

Written by rock and roll legends, Leiber and Stoller, ‘Some Other Guy’ was the obscure Richard Barrett song which helped define the early 1960s Liverpool scene. Released by Atlantic Records, the original version was quickly rearranged from its R&B origins into an all out rocker by Liverpool bands, eager for new sounds. With its heavy beat, savage lead guitar line and rough and ready vocals, it was the perfect raw material from which The Beatles would create their sound. Acknowledged by John Lennon as the song he most wishes he’d written, few Merseybeat bands dared to Continue reading The Beatles perform ‘Some Other Guy’ – The Cavern, Liverpool

Scorsese: Then And Now by Steve Wheeler

It’s a deceptive title, really, because I’m not a film critic nor a fan of any director.

But Martin Scorsese was the one who had the smarts, the interest and the resources to make two concert films 30 years apart, THE LAST WALTZ (1978) and SHINE A LIGHT (2008).
In 1976, the post Vietnam era in the States, Martin Scorsese and Robbie Robertson managed to record on film (the first concert movie shot in 35mm) the farewell concert of the Band in the venue where they first appeared as The Band, the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson and Richard Manuel were leaving the road after sixteen years. In an interview Robbie says he couldn’t imagine doing it for twenty years. The Last Waltz was called “the end of an era”.
At the time Scorsese was directing New York, New York, a big expensive production, but he had cut his edting teeth in the Woodstock film and learned what not to do there. He took some time off from the New York, New York project and filmed The Last Waltz in a weekend, put it almost all together in a week and a few months later, filmed three songs on a Hollywood sound stage. It grew from Robbie Robertson’s idea, a not for profit enterprise with no budget to an important cultural event, done by the seat of its pants, almost an afterthought, and ultimately, the concert movie by which all others are judged.
Thirty years later, after Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and Goodfellas and all the awards for No DIRECTION HOME (2005), a documentary on Dylan’s early career, Scorsese filmed a Rolling Stones concert.
Shine A Light presents the best of the Stones’ Beacon Theatre concerts on their A Bigger Bang Tour on Oct 29 and Nov Continue reading Scorsese: Then And Now by Steve Wheeler

Heavier than what? – Skull Fist Interview!!!

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by Jason Michel

You are about to enter the Beavis & Butthead, people. Piss contests, broken bones & trolls. Be prepared to read stories that’d give Bill & Ted a cardiac arrest. Welcome to the Skull Fist zone. A heavy metal band from Toronto, Canada, & yes, they may be young, dumb & full of cum but they are touring their arses off to get their EP “Heavier Than Metal” out there.

Continue reading Heavier than what? – Skull Fist Interview!!!


Back when Syd Barrett led Pink Floyd , the band recorded its first album at Abbey Road Studios at the same time as The Beatles recorded Sergeant Pepper’s there and The Pretty Things were recording S F Sorrow. They called it, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
Flash forward to this century and a habit I picked up in Amsterdam and can’t seem to shake. The habit is listening to the World Service on the radio all night. It’s the CBC All Night Radio here, the BBC World Service there (I think). A lot of countries contribute reports to the World Service. I don’t really understand how it works but there’s nothing quite like laying snug in your bed, free to fall asleep or listen to Holland, Sweden, Korea or Poland talk about their news. For instance, the other night there was a report from somewhere near Alice Springs, Australia about a race they held between honey bees and homing pigeons. The bees won.
Continue reading PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN CONSIDERED by Steve Wheeler

Music May/June/10

OM ~ Cabaret Sauvage, Paris 3/6/10

OM ~ Al Cisneros (bassist, formerly of the Doom Metal Gods « Sleep ») & Emil Amos (drummer, also with the mighty Grails) ~ are my kinda band. Imagine if John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward & John Bonham went on a journey around Kashmir & smoked far too of the local greenery & ended up in some mad Tantric monastry in Shambhala & decided to do a concert.

That is what OM sound like to me.

Who wouldn’t want to be there?

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Mary Byker – Everything’s Groovy! – An interview with Jason Michel

Mary Byker has been rocking & moving in his own weird way around the music for decade. From the psychedelic madness of the Gaye Bykers On Acid through the Industrial Grit of Pigface to success with Apollo440.I had to the opportunity to speak to him about his past, present & future.*JM : Hey Mary.Let’s first take a trip down memory lane.Tell me … all those years ago in Leicester, why would a bunch of guys want to start a band & call it Gaye Bykers On Acid?

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