Cocktail Lounge#To Drink Or To Drink …

Mocha Martini & Strawberry Martini

Chocolate is like sex. Coffee is like sex. Vodka, sex. This drink is all about sex. Dirty Bird is all about sex. This is the perfect martini for that dirty bird. If you like things smooth and chocolaty with a little kick, Dirty asks you to join him in a Mocha Martini. And if you’re a bird, he’ll ask if you want a couple more.

Strawberry ‘tinis for-evah. Dirty Bird is sometimes known as the Fifth Beatle. He’s known as that in his own bleary head while he’s out in the strawberry patch, gathering berries for his fabulous summer treat after he’s already had a few of his own concoctions. Two of these tart and sweet red thangs will put some sunshine in your song.

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