Run For The Hills !!! It’s Dr Twistid!!!



Monsterize Commission

Bone King


Undead Sugar Skull
Destroy All Humans
Googlie Eye Skull


My name is Geff Bartrand otherwise known as Dr. Twistid.
I mix elements of horror, dark comedy and the surreal into my artwork.

I have been published in such books as Best selling author Jonathan Maberrys’ “Zombie CSU” and “They Bite”.
I have also been published in several smaller horror anthologies, band album covers and am one of the artists for “Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated”.
I have my own Youtube show called Dr. Twistid’s Horror Comic Review where I review independent horror comics and comic magazines.
I also have my own comic book coming out soon filled with bizarre stories that have elements of horror, dark comedy and just plain strangeness. I get most of my ideas from dreams. My first artbook (limited to 100) is sold out and I am currently working on a new one.




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