Kicking Charlie Munger In The Gonads! : Interview with Max Keiser!

by Jason Michel

Stop what you are doing & listen to this. Right Now. Max Keiser is a film-maker, broadcaster (BBC, Al Jazeera, Press TV, Russia Today) and former broker and options trader & as far I’m concerned has the most subversive show on TV & the net – bar none. In these fragile economic times Max seems to be one of only a handful of people speaking the damn truth out there in media land about what the fuck is going on with the banks & how the financial system is shafting each & every one of us. He is the Jello Biafra of economics. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask him some very haphazard & fumbling questions on the subject of economics & survive. I’d originally thought to transcribe the interview but after listening to the video I found that it stands up by itself. I’ve decided to publish the raw deal here. Warts & all. 16/10/10

Max‘s website is here :

Tune in to The Keiser Report to keep updated on what the bastards are doing.

5 thoughts on “Kicking Charlie Munger In The Gonads! : Interview with Max Keiser!”

  1. Hey Jason

    I linked to you via Max’s site.

    What a great thing you are doing letting your listeners hear what Max has to say.

    I noticed from your interview that you do not appear to be up to speed on the intricacies of the “economic crisis”. This really, really worries me because, if you do not clearly understand what is happening, are your listeners even less knowledgeable, possibly still in the dark?

    The repercussions for them and their families are truly scary. They are at the mercy of the big banking elite. This globalised banking system is so far steeped in debt that it can never be repaid. The only thing keeping the banks alive, are the Central Banks, mortgaging each country’s taxpayers as guarantors for these unpayable debts. The criminal rich have fled Iceland, Greece, Latvia, etc. and the local people are expected to pay for the complex global debts of the banks and their good time bonuses and churned fees.

    It is goodbye to pensions for the elderly, winter fuel costs, incapacity allowance, carer’s allowance, schools, single parent benefits, the NHS. Everything that makes society worth being a part of will shrivel. The governments will concentrate on fining people for misdemeanours and criminalising benefit cheats costing the treasury £1bn but not having enough inspectors to discover the blatant fraud committed by the banks, staring them in the face.

    Each group will turn on the next, labourers against white collar workers against artists and muscians against whoever the hell comes next.

    Although, I’m very lucky to have come across Max and others a few years ago, and have had time to take all the precautions and changes I can afford, to protect my family. We shall all be in the same boat, some with a little more protection than others.

    Please do everythng you can to alert your listeners, Max is right boycotting Coca Cola is a great fun idea and I hope it brings them tumbling down, but in the meantime if people want to do something constructive against the banks, they could move their bank accounts to a local building society or a credit union and perhaps invest their paper money in buying silver coins.

    Sorry this wasn’t supposed to turn into a harangue. It was supposed to say well done Jason and carry on the good work.

    1. & that is exactly why I asked Max to do the interview & no I ain’t no expert but I also thought that people should hear Max’s point of view.

      I’ll let them make their own minds up.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Spot on, Max. I completely agree abuot the boycott. And I’m just amazed at the price of gold. World War 3 war of the currency? That’s a very interesting thought. I live on the TX/MX border and I’ll tell you what, there are massive amounts of cash flowing in and out of the US in these areas. Especially with the cartel wars, and all the activity going on with Russia and Venezuela. Craziness.

    Thanks so much for this. An educational listen. PMM is the best. 😉

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