PMM’s Birthday Party! – “Playing With Fire” by Kristin Fouquet

A photo essay of the fire troupe Inferneaux performing at the event Circus, Circus, Circus on September 27, 2008.

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Kristin Fouquet is a photographer and writer from New Orleans. You are invited to visit Kristin’s virtual home, Le Salon.

11 thoughts on “PMM’s Birthday Party! – “Playing With Fire” by Kristin Fouquet”

  1. This slideshow is so very cool, Kristin! Pictures are worth a thousand words. A million. Millions. Way more. It’s infinite. And your contribution to the PMM party is profound. You document your world in a way that shows it as delicious, wild, free, wonderful, irresistible as it is. If you can keep one foot on the ground! You can, you do, and I admire that and your craft : )

  2. Kristin, your photography is simply a wonder. If I were to hold the same camera at the same moment, would I be able to capture every curve, muscle and shadow of the pyromaniac’s back? Or the swirl of fire at the man’s feet? I think not.

    Elegant (and damn cool!)

  3. In the back, behind the stunning central figures, the haunted, blank eyes of the observers are another kind of truth. Mistress Night your carnivale is stunning.
    Late to the party I am, but in awe I will continue to be. Thanks Kristin. Beautiful.

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