Showcase – The Gothic Surreal Art of Ron Koppelberger

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Dear Reader,

I began drawing about 13 years ago but my interest in art began when I was a child.  My early influences were the artists of Heavy Metal, 1984, Epic, Creepy, and Errie.  I am influenced by the surrealists as well.  Goya is my favorite.  Somewhere along the way I decided that I needed to express myself as an artist…….I drew my first piece while watching a horror movie on AMC and from that point forward I never looked back.  If I can touch the viewer with something unseen or never imagined then I have accomplished what I set out to do.  The idea behind my art is to give the viewer a look at dreams and sometimes nightmares………we see things as kind of morphic and oblique in our dreams and when we awaken we forget the things we’ve experienced,  what I want to give the viewer is a tangible experience,  something to think about in the midst of a dull day,  something to entice creativity and most importantly something that makes the dull moment exciting or mysterious.  I hope I have done those things with the patient readers of Pulp Metal Magazine.
Ron is new to the field of art but he began drawing about 12 years ago and has over seven hundred pieces of art now. He loves to create and nothing thrills him more than seeing his work in print. He has published 38 pieces at several magazines and web sites. He has published in Dark Gothic Resurrected, Blood Moon Rising, Fan Art Central, Death Head Grin, O Sweet Flowery Roses and Seinundwerden. The creative process is a thrill for him as is influencing the viewer in a positive way, in a thought provoking way. One of his primary goals involves touching the viewer and giving them a gift, the gift of a long forgotten memory or perhaps a special insight that may not have been apparent. If you’d like to view some of his artwork he has it posted on Facebook. Just type in

3 thoughts on “Showcase – The Gothic Surreal Art of Ron Koppelberger”

  1. These are astounding! The shapes and feels of the artwork are what touches me the most. They are like whispers. Something that sneaks in and tickles that scary part of the psyche. I need to find you on FB and see more of these.

  2. I agree with Jodi. It’s as if we’re viewing these images in the surfaces of twisting, organic mirrors. There’s almost something ghostlike in the way they move. Evoking awe at the mysterious and unseen is what horror is all about.

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