Cutting Edge Girls by Charlie Coleman


“Hi there, I was just reading your flyer that I got from an extremely hot redhead just outside my office in midtown. Is your discrete service promise for real?”

“That’s right. We value discretion more than you can imagine.”

“Are the girls as impressive as the redhead?”

“Veritable goddesses just like our redhead. When I say that they’re the cutting edge of females I truly mean it!”

“But I’m just a mere mortal. If I touch the goddesses will I turn to stone?”

“No, they’re used to dealing with all sorts of riff-raff just like you, only kidding.”

“Where are they, Mt. Olympus?”

“Mt Olympus proved to be just too geographically undesirable. The real estate agents are right, location, location, location. They opted for a convenient midtown location. Despite the fact that they’re goddesses they have some of the same addictions that you probably have, things like Starbucks, chocolate, etc.”

“Sounds like I’ll want an audience. What should I bring in tribute?”

“These are contemporary goddesses, they prefer cash.”

“When are they free?”

“Never, but when do you want to come over?”

“How about 8PM?”

“That works. Just come to the corner of 44th Street and Lexington Avenue. There’s a phone booth right there. When you get there, call me from the booth.”

“OK, I’ll talk to you later.”

At six thirty he started to get ready. He showered, splashed on some cologne and brushed his teeth. It wasn’t the first time he’d used a service. He called the shots with a service. Regular girls just wouldn’t cooperate. They were always accusing him of being abusive.

On arriving at 44th and Lexington he called as instructed, “Hi, remember me, I’ve got an 8PM appointment.”

“Right, now turn around. Say hello to the brunette who’s standing in the doorway of the shoe store. That’s me.”

“Hi, how are you. This is a somewhat unorthodox way of meeting.”

“It serves its purpose.”

“I guess so, where to?”

“Follow me. Don’t try and run away, we’ll catch you. Our girls are everywhere. We’re going to walk down 44th to Third Avenue.”


“As this is your first time with us we meet in this fashion. In the future, you’ll just come directly to our location. Before you leave we’ll agree on a code and you’ll use it when you schedule future appointments.”

“How many girls are available today?”

“How many are you interested in?”

“Just one, one good one will do for today.”

“There are four available today. You can take your pick. It’s totally up to you. You call the shots. Intrigued?”

“Sounds good, I like to call the shots when it comes to intimacy.”

“Intimacy, we’re being so formal. You’re obviously a real gentleman. Most of our clients are much more frank. We cut to the chase with them rather quickly. They’re specific about their needs and desires in no uncertain terms. At the end of the day, this is a business. The customer is always right.”

They entered a beautifully marbled lobby in a four story brownstone.

“At least as far as the entrance is concerned, this is a pretty classy looking place. Are there many tenants?”

“No, this place is all ours. That way no one can bother us or complain about noise or people coming and going. Obviously, this isn’t Best Buy. We have reason to keep our business dealings quiet and out of attention’s way.”

“Makes sense to me.”

She inserted her key in the lobby door and held it open so he could pass. The door led into a foyer that matched the lobby for elegance. He noticed a kitchen off to the left and a living room off to the right.

“Go have a seat in the living room. The girls will be with you in a moment. Do you want a drink? Who knows, you just might need one.”

“No, I’m fine. I can handle whatever comes my way. How about the girls, can they?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“I like surprises.”

“Why don’t we see just how much you like surprises?”

“I like that idea as long as we’re discreet.”

“Discretion is in our best interest. Our motto is to leave no DNA behind. We’ll settle your tab later.”

“I don’t want to leave any DNA behind either. We’re going to get along just fine.”

“You bet we are. We’re going to treat you as if we’re the last women you’ll ever see.”

Shortly after he sat down four girls entered the living room. The first was your standard stunning blonde besieged by ice blue eyes. She was clad in a slinky black summer dress designed to reveal maximum cleavage. The second was the flyer girl, most certainly an Irish redhead accessorized with emerald green eyes with a fuller, more athletic well toned body. The third smacked of Hispanic blood with dark brown hair cascading down and wrapping around her curvaceous body to her butt. The final one displayed piercing jade eyes emanating from a petite five foot four or so well sculpted Asian body. Her lustrous black hair cascaded down across her shoulders and rested on her breasts.

“What do we call you?”

“Jerry will do.”

“OK Jerry, this is Melissa, Blair, Ronnie and Ricky. I’m Samantha.”

“I’m impressed.”

“Well then, do you want to up your original companionship quota? Put a little testosterone to the test?”

“Why not double up? It seems like it might be fun. I’ve never done that.”

“You have nothing to fear. I bet that you’re not an easily frightened guy. But we’ll see, won’t we, or are you going to wussy out?”

“No, bring two on. I’m ready if they are.”

“OK. Pick two, any two.”

”Melissa and Ricky.”

“Good combination. Sorry Ronnie, sorry Blair, you’re just going to have to sit this one out. Unless Jerry here wants to let you watch?”

“Is there an additional charge?”

“No charge, they stay unless another client arrives.”

“That’s even better than two, will you watch too?”

“I can if you like.”

“This is like a dying man’s wish.”

“We like to approach it that way.”

“Can we start?”

“Sure, let’s go. Come with me to our little arena.”

Taking him by the hand Samantha ushered him to a back room which had a huge circular blood red bed situated directly in the middle. All of the walls were covered with plush, soft drapes matching the bed and creating a sensual atmosphere.

“Make yourself completely comfortable. Go ahead, now.”

“Samantha, you’re a woman who takes charge.”

With that he disrobed removing his shoes, socks, pants, shirt and underwear as if they were on fire. Quickly he ascended onto the bed and laid down right in the center on his back stretching out his arms and legs. He was surrounded on all sides by girls.

“Are you stretching just to relax yourself? Why don’t we just tie you to the bed and you can stretch that way. Let’s see what happens?”

“I’m game, but only if we can reverse the situation later.”

“We have a deal. Now stretch those arms and legs all the way out.”

He did as told. Each of the girls took the limb closest to them and affixed it to the bed. Blair, the redhead, took the right arm, Ricky, the Asian, the left, Ronnie, the Hispanic, the right leg and Melissa the blonde, the left. All four of them smiled devilishly as they bound him to buckles on the edge of the bed.

“I’ve got a procedural question for you, Jerry. Do you prefer a blindfold or are you brave?” said Melissa.

“I’ll do a blindfold if you will later.”

“Fine with me.”

After applying a blindfold Samantha said, “Looks as if we’re ready to begin girls.”

”Sounds good to me,” chimed in Ronnie.

With that Samantha walked to the side of the room and pushed back the drape to reveal a wood paneled wall with drawers. She opened one. “Now Jerry, I’m picking out two of my toys. One is in my right hand and the other in my left. Pick one, right or left?”


With that Samantha stroked Jerry in his most intimate area with a feather while the other four girls softly applied kisses to his legs, arms, torso and neck. She asked him in a musky voice, “Are you enjoying the attention?”

“Yes, yes, this is incredible! I think that you’ve got a feather.”

“That’s very good.”

“I never expected anything like this.”

“Hey, we’re just starting. Wait until you see what we’ve got lined up.”

“I can’t wait.”

“That’s good, because here’s my second toy.”

With that remark Samantha placed a knife just beneath Jerry’s scrotum and pushed ever so slightly against it so he could feel the cool surface.

“What do you have there? I feel a distinct coolness against my flesh, just like stainless steel.”

“Good guess Jerry. What exactly do you think I have here?”

“A ruler made of stainless steel?”

“Oh, so close yet so far away.”

“Give me a hint.”

“OK, it can serve multiple purposes.”

“The one of which I’m experiencing right now I guess wasn’t imagined by the manufacturer.”

“It may have occurred to the manufacturer, but I doubt that their marketing department ever envisioned a campaign around it.”

“You’re playing with me.”

“Not yet, but we will be.”

“Is it a knife?”

“Good guess. Now, just what are we going to do with it?”

“Good question, why do you have a knife down there? You’re teasing me right?”

“Maybe, maybe not, what do you think?”

“You’re teasing me?”

“Of course we’re teasing you. Don’t tell me that you’re suddenly afraid. What do you think you have to be afraid of?”

“I’m not used to people putting knives down there. I really enjoyed the feather and kisses. Can we go back to that?”

“Jerry, you do realize that we have to do what the customer wants.”

“I thought that I was the customer and, as you said, the customer is always right.”

“That’s true Jerry, but you’re not the customer.”

“What, I don’t get it, I’m not the customer?”

“No, guess who is?”

“It has to be me.”

“So you think, but someone else is paying the freight on this.”

“Someone is paying for my time here?”

“That’s right, but they’re paying for a different scenario than the one that you’re probably envisioning.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“Oh, but you will, but you will.”

“Wait a minute, what’s going on?”

“Jerry, take a breather. You’re going to need it. I have to fetch more play things from the toy drawer. Ronnie, please blindfold Melissa as Jerry requested earlier.”

After Ronnie blindfolded Melissa Samantha led Melissa by the arm to the side of the bed and had Ronnie withdraw Jerry’s blindfold and gag him.

“Jerry, just so that you know the gag is really for our benefit. It makes for a less stressful workplace. No one outside of here can hear you anyway. We hope that you’ll be empathetic and understand. Melissa, I want you to choose one of my toys in front of you. Now Jerry, Take a look at what Melissa has to choose from.”

Samantha held out a silver tray holding the knife and feather she had previously used on Jerry along with a razor and a scissors. Jerry’s eyes grew as big as golf balls.

“Now Jerry, which one will Melissa here choose to use on you. Just think you have a twenty-five percent chance for her to select the feather and, if your math skills are accurate, you know that’s there’s a seventy-five percent chance that she won’t. Wouldn’t that be interesting? And I bet you thought that math class would never prove handy.”

Jerry squawked something through the gag.

“Do you want to say something, here let me pull down the gag?”

“Can we please stop? This is getting to be more than I bargained for.”

“That’s right, Jerry, it’s more than you bargained for but remember that you weren’t doing the bargaining.”

“We’re back to that, who was doing the bargaining?”

“You really want to know? Think! Who would want to put you in an intriguing situation like this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Someone thinks that you’ve been a very, very bad boy, Jerry. Someone thinks that you’ve treated them rather shabbily when it comes to matters of sex. In your case, there is more than one someone. In fact we have three! Three someones are splitting the tab for your cession. Their identity will remain secret. All that you need to know is that some women don’t like to be abused by you. You, however, like to think otherwise. But enough chit chat, let’s replace the gag and let the fun begin.”

“This is getting out of hand!”

“I don’t think so. It seems to me to be totally in hand.”

“Can’t we work this out? I’ll double your fee. Just let me go!”

“Jerry, you miss the point. If we did that we’d be violating our contract with our customers. Now you wouldn’t want us to do that, would you? That’s such a crappy business practice. We’d run the risk of a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. We could get sued in court. That’s public record. And I thought that you wanted discretion.”

Samantha replaced the gag and took Melissa by the arm.

“Now Melissa, as I said I want you to pick out one toy from this tray to use on our dear Jerry. Jerry, stop trying to squeal through the gag and influence Melissa, that’s cheating. C’mon, play fair.”

Melissa reached into the tray and selected the feather and Jerry’s arched head hit the bed with a thud of relief.

“Melissa, you’ve chosen the feather, but aren’t you allergic to feathers?”

“That’s right, can I have another shot?”

“What do you think Jerry?”

Jerry mumbled something plaintively through the gag.

“Melissa, I think that Jerry just said, what the hell, go ahead. Jerry, you’re such a good sport!”

Melissa reached in a second time and selected the razor.

“Good choice Melissa, now take it over to Jerry and be creative.”

Jerry squirmed against the restraints frantically mumbling through the gag.

“Now now Jerry you’re not trying to make it difficult for Melissa to do her job, are you?”

Melissa reached over and felt Jerry’s chest. She placed the razor on it sliding it ever so gently down his chest and abdomen through the slight sweat and shivers that he was gestating. Her trail left minute cuts along the route. She reached his scrotum and grasped his testicles with one hand placing the razor underneath them.

“Jerry, it looks like Melissa here has found what she was looking for. I think that she wants to take a little piece of you as a souvenir, don’t you Melissa?”

“That’s right. Samantha, is this like hunting season? Is there a limit to what I can take?”

“No, Melissa, help yourself, take whatever you feel is appropriate.”

“I’m greedy, I want the whole thing.”

“Go for it girl.”

Melissa raised the blade further up almost to the point of cutting into Jerry’s scrotum. Jerry, sweating profusely, tried moving up away from it but she just followed him. He kept trying to speak through the gag to no avail. He continued straining at the restraints unsuccessfully.

“Hold on Melissa, I think Jerry has something to say,” said Samantha.

Samantha removed the gag from Jerry’s mouth.

“Look, whomever I pissed off I’m sorry! I’m really, really truly sorry! I won’t do it again, ever again!”

“That’s right you won’t, because after we’re through with you, you won’t have any more desire for women. No more abusing women for you. No more women for you at all, just think of all the time and money that you’ll save. We’re doing you a favor, Jerry, you should thank us. That is of course if you live through this. Remember that I told you we treat all of our customers as if we’re the last women they’ll see. Well now you know that I wasn’t being figurative.”

“You can’t do this!”

“Hear that girls, Jerry thinks we can’t do this.”

“Jerry, what’s wrong? Do you think that Melissa here lacks the skill to castrate you?” said Ronnie.

“No, no, I mean that you shouldn’t do this!”

“Well that’s good to hear. Jerry thinks that Melissa is competent enough to perform a castration. He just doesn’t agree with the procedure,” said Ricky.

“Jerry, you’re a prince. I’m tickled pink to know that you have faith in my ability to cut your balls off,” said Melissa.

“Melissa, I want you to know that I always had faith in you too,” said Blair.

“Me too!” chimed in Ronnie.

“C’mon, I’m sorry, let me go!”

“Melissa, what are you waiting for, let’s cut those babies off. They’ll make great earrings!” said Samantha.

“Noooo … please, no!” Jerry screeched as he arched his back.

“Jerry, what an excitable boy you are!” said Ronnie

“What’s this warm spray I feel?” said Melissa.

“Melissa, Jerry is pissing all over the bed. That’s not very gentlemanly now is it, Jerry?” said Blair.

“Please don’t do it.”

“Oh, but we want to!” said Melissa.

“Melissa, do you really have your heart set on a souvenir or would you settle for taking his word that he’ll mend his ways?” said Samantha.

“As long as he realizes that he hasn’t seen the last of us if he doesn’t. Unfortunately, I think that’s what our customers asked for in their contract. That’s a very good thing for Jerry.”

“OK, Jerry, we’re going to let you go. We don’t want to see you again. Understood?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“And I was so looking forward to a new set of earrings! Damn!” said Melissa.

Charlie Coleman‘s work has appeared in The Subway Chronicles and The Cynic Magazine among other venues.

4 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Girls by Charlie Coleman”

  1. “Melissa, I think that Jerry just said, what the hell, go ahead. Jerry, you’re such a good sport!”

    Earrings. Now I’ve heard everything. And I’m sure you’ve scared stragglers away from well-appointed brownstones. Question – Did you sit comfortably when you wrote this one?

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. Yeah, baby! That’s what I’m talking about! We’re watching you Jerry. We will always be watching you. Waiting. For a new set of earrings.

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