Army Of Evil by Sara Knight

As the silver coin spun rapidly through the air, Fr. John watched with bated breath.

Head’s or tail’s to decide his fate.

The coin slows.



The devil fires out a horrid hand and grabs it. The Priest froze. His panic swelled. In a bloody fist the coin hides. The devil grins. Silence. Hand peels open – heads reviled.

“Nooooooo” scream’s the Priest.

“Oh yes” Laugh’s the devil.

Unleashing he’s vile wrath, the ground split’s wide open.

Scorching fires of hell engulf the priest.

Another soul recruited, as the devil, with his two-headed coin, grows ever stronger with an army of evil.


My name is Sara Knight, a poet by day, an author by night.!/Sara_at_Night



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