Highway 1: road of dreams, blood alley, devil’s slide – by Cecelia Chapman

(a little background……Soon a tunnel will bypass the cliffs’ edge known as Devil’s Slide, the most treacherous section of the iconic coast road. If falling cliffs don’t hit you, sections of pavement don’t collapse under you, or you don’t see the short rail in the illusory fog, you might be hit head on by a truck in a slide (in blood alley) or miss your turn watching the view… but then this is life in Badlands…

Lakota Indians called the new world “Makhóšiča”, literally bad land, the French trappers called it “les mauvaises terres traverser” — “the bad lands to cross” and the Spanish called it tierra baldía (“waste land”) and cárcava.

Land influences the way it’s inhabitants think, move and live, so we will be scouting the new world’s shifting cultural terrain and slipping sands of dreams as well.)

Music by B Lone Engines  -33.7



Highway 1 is the first in a new series called Badlands.


One thought on “Highway 1: road of dreams, blood alley, devil’s slide – by Cecelia Chapman”

  1. I had forgotten just how much of your work k enjoy I don’t know where l can get some of them printed to give some of them as a gift best wishes jade

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