Army Of Evil by Sara Knight

As the silver coin spun rapidly through the air, Fr. John watched with bated breath.

Head’s or tail’s to decide his fate.

The coin slows.



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Symbiosis by Bellakentuky

The first time I laid eyes on her; I had just robbed a liquor store and gunned down two people in cold blood. As I trotted out the front door, I had a wad of twenties in my hand, and a smoldering .38 stuck into my belt, and there she was, leaning against the trunk of my new Lexus puffing on a cigarette like a prom queen on meth.

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Scarecrow by Jack Bristow

We stood in Ned the Butcher’s shop, Boon and me. Together

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The Dog Who Shat Against the Wall by Jack Bates

Jenny packed her smokes against the heel of her hand. The old bitch was down there again, her Pomeranian on its leash and taking a shit by the brick wall that was probably painted once upon a time a bright peach color but now looked like the color the Pennsylvania crayon company once called ‘flesh’.
Eric, her companion du jour, asked her, “What the fuck do you care about the old lady’s dog?”

A Day Of Darkness by Todd Woodstock

The news was everywhere about the strange, luminous phenomenon that had filled the night skies for the past couple of nights. Different colored rays streaked a rainbow show for the townspeople to view. It kept many folk up late, wondering what marvelous creations of light had invaded their tiny community.

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Hunters in the Snow by Thomas Simmons

Tub didn’t make it clear at first. He didn’t want to make it clear. He wanted to make someone else notice, which in turn would help take some of the blame off him. “Oh no,” he said to himself, sitting on the couch, the gashes rested directly on his forehead. “Oh no,” he repeated again, over and over, while the music played.

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