Cunt Talk by Samantha Traina

“Why do girls get cunt and pussy when boys get dick and cock? It just isn’t fair!” The small feminine voice banged around the small kitchen for a second, to land in the ears of the girl sitting on laminate counter. Her high pitched voice made her friend wince as she let each word be punctuated by the knife slamming through carrots to chip at the counter bellow.

 “Lisa not so fucking loud I’m right here!” Betty groaned barely shifting her head so that she could see through her long bangs. She leaned back, resting her head against the cabinet behind her as she watched the pile of vegetables accumulate next to her thigh.

“Sorry, but seriously!” Lisa’s voice remained the same as she scoped the bits of celery, carrots, and onion up on to the flat blade of the knife. Carefully she cradled the bladed crossing the two feet of space to the stove holding the rusty pot of boiling water. Betty winced but said nothing else, afraid to anger the skinny girl with a knife in her hand. Instead she pulled up her feet so that just her heals could rest on the counter. Then with the slight shift of her head she stared at the ceiling giving her friend’s statement some actual thought.

“I like cunt. It just, I dunno, rolls off the tongue.”

“It just doesn’t sound right! I mean neither sound sexy. Are you turned on by cunt?” Betty continued to wince as Lisa’s voice climbed to new decibels.

“Eh a little.” She replied as she closed her.

“Are you kidding me?” Lisa spun away from the raw chicken she was about.

“How does that turn you on? That stupid c and sharp t. You want me to scream that at you while I’m fucking you into oblivion?” Her green eyes were sharp and challenging staring directly at Betty. Though her friend was too involved with the tip of the knife that was now almost circle ling her throat.

“Knife.” She stated simply, leaning as far as she could against the cabinet. Her eyes glued to the tip of the knife that seemed to gleam with every gesture Lisa made.

“What? How is that word anything like cunt?”

“Get the fucking thing outta my face Lisa!”

“Oh sorry.” She set the knife down carefully in the cracked sink making sure to rinse it off before turning back to Betty who was once again hunched over her knees.

“You think that it’s sexy though?” Lisa’s voice finally dropped to a normal level of conversation her voice inquisitive, the red fading away behind her eyes.

“Well if it was the right person at the right time. It could be hot.” Lisa pulled her bottom lip up with her teeth as she turned to face the soup again. Her pale shoulders now hunched as her hands worked at stirring the pot. Betty cocked her head to the side as her brow scrunched. Her gaze hovered over Lisa’s body taking in the girls twitches, how she subtly shifted her weight. With a scoot she fell off the counter to land on her feet, then with one step she crossed her arms and leaned against the fridge in front of her. She watched her friend’s face trying to get a glimpse of the green eyes hidden behind auburn bangs. The fact that Lisa was so short wasn’t helping either.

“Eh depends on what my cunt says.” Betty shrugged lips pulled slightly up as Lisa’s head whipped around at her statement, her thin brow lifting in amusement.

“Your vagina talks to you?”

“Eh that word is way worse than the others, too fucking technical.”

“Vagina bothers you?”

“Oh God stop.” Betty plugged her ears with two single fingers closing only one eye so that she could still watch Lisa. The little cook just giggled, shaking her head as she tasted a bit of the soup before reaching for the salt.

“Seriously, though, do I need to take you to a psychiatric ward?”

“Oh come on yours talks to you too.”

“Sweetie, acid shouldn’t be taken every day.”

“Fuck off, I’m talking about how when you first meet someone, and if they are really hot, you suddenly get all wet, and your hormones are just screaming fuck them fuck them!”

“That has never happened to me.”


“Not once has my vagina said ‘fuck’.”

“Don’t be a sarcastic bitch.”

“Alright, alright. I guess I kinda see what you’re talking about.” Lisa smiled and then turned and grabbed two bowls spinning and humming as she did, oblivious to the look she was getting from Betty.

Betty’s eyes were wide enough to see the white of her eyes even through her dark hair, shading her face. Her mouth hung open as she watched her friend skip around the kitchen over the soup she had just made.

“I’m sorry I forgot you’re a five year old, of course you don’t cum in your pants when you see a hot guy.” The statement made Lisa pause mid bounce as she whirled making the soup slosh over the sides of the plastic bowls. The fire was back behind her eyes as she stood there, hip cocked, her holey sock covered foot tapping wildly against the ground.

“Bitch I just made you dinner.” Betty just shrugged before taking the bowl from her hand and fished a spoon out of the sink. Lisa just watched, rolling her eyes, as Betty turned to head into the family room. The carpet crunched under the brunette’s feet as she made her way over to the mattress shoved against the corner of the room. Betty nudged the two blankets aside with her foot and dropped cross legged on to the mattress.

“I have felt that before, but I feel it more with guys I don’t like.” Lisa stated as she wandered behind her friend, her eyes following the swirls of soup in her bowl. She looked up when she got no answer and had to try her hardest to hold back a giggle. Seeing Betty posed perfectly on the only clean part of her mattress, hunched over, and glaring at the remote that was just out of reach. She weaved out of her path towards the mattress so she could pick up the remote and chuck it towards Betty’s face. The Brunette caught it and turned on the TV sitting on top of a plastic bin.

“Wha’d ya say?”

“Ugh, I said my vagina talks to me more when I see guys I don’t like.” Lisa mumbled as she slurped at her soup, small bits of carrot catching on the side of her mouth. Betty’s eyes snapped up as her nose scrunched.

“And you think I should be in the psych ward?”

“Shut up! Not like that!” Lisa sighed before sitting right next to Betty not caring if she sat on top of a stain.

“I mean when I see someone I don’t like it feels like I’m drying up, like an old woman. “

“Are your fucking serious?”

“Shut up it’s true!”

“So what it just gets all scratchy all of the sudden?”

“I dunno.”

“Have you ever fucked a guy you dried up for?”

“No! Of course not, how does that even make sense?” Betty shrugged. She pressed her bowl to her lips and slurped up the broth avoiding the onions whenever possible. She licked her lips till Lisa’s comment finally registered.

“Hold up so Roger got you all wet?” Lisa choked on her soup, spraying it half way to the TV.

“Holy shit, watch it!” Betty quickly grabbed the remote and covered her soup protectively

“Who says crap like that?” Betty’s face jerked

“How long have you known me?”

“Whatever, yes I was hot for Roger.”

“I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get he’s cute.”

“He is a fucking scum bag!”

“Stop it Betts! Seriously you don’t even know him.”

“Really? He is at least screwing three other girls plus you! Hell I don’t even know why I’m sitting on this mattress I know it is infested with some disease just from him touching it.”

“Whatever.” Betty just stared into the depths of her pink plastic bowl. Her hair, still hanging in her face, was starting to get greasy. She should go home and take a shower, but something was keeping her there on that mattress.

“Did he call you a cunt while you were screwing?”


“Roger.” Betty looked back at Lisa her auburn hair blocking the scruffy girl from seeing her friend’s face.

“Yeah, but you think it is hot so maybe I’m just a prude, I dunno.”

“He’s a douche.” Lisa didn’t answer. She just stared at the TV shaking her head.

The two didn’t talk for the rest of the night. By three in the morning, the TV was showing some random infomercial filling the room with a blue glow. Lisa was passed out half covered with one of the blankets using her arm as a pillow. Her tank top was scrunched around her body showing off the slight curve of her hip bone as well as the swell of her tits. Her mouth was parted enough to let light gasps of air through with her hair plastered over her face and arms.

Betty sat in the same spot the whole night, legs crossed, and body hunched. The only change was her hair was now up in a tight bun and completely out of her face. She had put it up the minute Lisa fell asleep so she could watch her without a problem. The slight swell of her chest as she breathed, and the flickering of her eyes underneath her eyelids, let a small smile grace Betty’s chapped lips. She sat perfectly still as she watched her, only letting her hand graze her exposed stomach.

“That ass,” Betty whispered. “He has no idea what he’s got,” Her voice lingered on the dingy walls as her hand slowly caressed her friend’s stomach. Her finger tips drifted underneath Lisa’s tank top sliding slowly in and out till she got the courage to go higher. Her skin was on fire as she let her pointer finger graze the underwire of her bra. Lisa gasped as Betty’s hand drifted underneath her bra; her eyes darting dangerously fast underneath her eye lids.

“Roger…” the sound of the asshole’s name made Betty freeze, the breath in her lungs turning to ice, seizing her gut. She slowly pulled away, her entire body tense. As Lisa settled down again back into a deep sleep, Betty let her lip quiver. With the same hand she pulled her hair tie from her hair, laughing as her hair once again blocked the view of her beautiful friend.

“Fuck, I’m such a cunt.”


Samantha Traina is a full time student at Columbia College Chicago and is majoring in Fiction writing.

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