Freon / Craig Caudill

Left alone with Freon with its electrical current hot surge, bone china, ether, microwaves shortwave a hidden etherous plane permeates the senses I taste static electrical tape, I use shears to cut the sonic waves, the pulses, the vapors, the strings of the gods connecting all things.


All things left alone in this junk yard left lone with yesterday’s fridge left alone with yesterday’s oven left alone with Freon left alone with cooling units left alone with table lamps left alone with Freon left alone with the strings of the Gods.


Current percolators, coffee makers, Mr. Coffee Black and Decker odds and ends, Smurf pills Edgar Cayces Wet Cell Battery, it supplies life force vibrations to the body aiding those with nervous conditions Galvanic stimulator, interferential therapy Micro current stimulation Russian Stimulation, Teris EMS combo stimulator Third generation interferential stimulator Foam Electro Pads Fashion Diabetic shoes and last but not least The irrepressible electric Kim Chee machine. These devices once saved thousands of lives now they live here in the forgotten universe of Freon.


The fumes of Freon electromagnetic fields of healing properties


I alone know of its power I alone have seen it’s miracles I alone can testify case by case of those that have experienced it’s wondrous Power I alone know the wonder It is inert non toxic it is so safe I let my dog drink Condensation from air Conditioning units, and I have thousands at my disposal. Under each unit I have shiny brand new red buckets collecting water drip by drip It gives your dog a nice shiny coat, you can be damned proud of your dog as he wins dog show after dog show.


It gives him a sense of inertia, which means the resistance an object has to change in its state of motion. It means the Dog has an inner sense of knowing. He is the alpha male because air conditioning condensation is packed with vitamins. Which means everything your dog does, He does so with so with Power. He’s a god damned good dog who is connected with the strings of the gods I’ve come to the conclusion, there is no conclusions a torch is a torch, a window is a window and a candy bar is a candy bar and nothing more. A ham bone is a jazz instrument. A shallow pool is a mirror, to shine mercurially seriously flagrant and flavorantic, to be misled to be a ship launched.


To be launch, be a shadow be a funnel I’ve come to a conclusion nothing makes since. and it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as its fun, a downward spiral is only fakery and anyone using such terms is a liar in my book, they are a charlatan of the english language, they only dress to impress they are lion, they are troll They ate the shadow, and spewed tripe. They spewed a neo cancer a neo disease they spewed out a fad within a fad. They spewed out inverted thoughts that lead to no thoughts. They spewed out a money making scheme transmitted they lied to us they burned us and we believed they transmitted troll like waves. They watch you when you sleep, making sure you believe in things the next day when you wake, they whisper related dogma and anti dogma the english language so you can speak and react They remind us of the old mantras so we don’t forget them.


This is why original thought is not necessary original thought anymore because original thoughts lead to new and improved architecture, better radios and TV’s and better hybrid fruit and super chicken and better islands, and better earthly migrations. Better technology would be required, better landscapes would be required a much cleaner slate the earth would have to be wiped clean like a super canvas of pure snow wiped clean of it’s clichés, clothing, buildings, household cleaning products, merchant ships carrying merchandise fulfilling supply and demand the world would have to be wiped clean of impurities and disparaging thoughts of war and various forms of negative imagery wiped off devoid of erasure of any kind.


Sky scrapers will have to go, bridges and town houses. Things like Theater monuments, parks and sleazy hotels. They will have to go.


This is why they send the trolls. So we don’t have to think of such things. So we don’t have construct anything. You forget the need for something new. You are taught the belief of what is old becomes new again. This is a lie and they spend billions of dollars a year to make you believe this. They, make sure you never forget it. Otherwise carpentry is involved. Massive sculptures writings various animal breed tampering happens in a manner of vaccinations. TV programs about dandruff control shampoo manufacturers or guitar factory workers become the norm on Sunday night. Sunday night becomes Sundae night, various forms of fuel derive strictly from Sugar.


This is why they send the trolls, to keep you in the “Sameness” to make sure you accept what’s on the radio. If you were someone else you would remember there was a time when radio had actual songs on them.


You would not accept the inscriptions of data fed through aerial intravenous. You would know this but, “They” are counting on you to not you remember this. You would remember a time when New York had an monorail that went straight through Cuba to pick of shipments from various Spice merchants Shipments of mango, paypaya Cherimoya Smyrna Calimyrna Rambutan Monstera Garambola Yuzu.


They want you to conveniently to forget who you where, what you are about and you station in life There is a man tail gating at a cock fight, he holds the seventh star of Bethlehem in his pocket, he is one of many controlling all religious Iconography because they want to make sure everyone forgets who Jesus really was. He was a Rebel, An anti government, No Bureaucrat kind of Rebel who took a vow of poverty. In his world Jesus hates the meek. Jesus claimed a sovereign nation, Jesus is a warrior, he drinks blood from the skulls of the slain, a victorious barbarian pillaging, raping women and children. He wears an armor of Righteous Armani.


Jesus hates the Queers, he hates the Niggers and the Poor, He hates unwed mothers and he hates the Jews that’s what He wants you to believe, that’s what he pays billions of dollars so that you don’t remember flying cars or the worlds of tomorrow. In the 1920’s we lived in a futuristic city almost beyond comprehension. We lived in what man designed, until they came along and destroyed everything. Billions are spent everyday on brainwashing technology, to make sure you don’t remember what it was like to own a Hifi stereo, which you’ll here in this junk yard.


Or like that solar powered bald spot remover the hex incubator machine. The wrinkle zapper in tooth paste form, or my own personal favorite Telecommunicator wrist watch?


I can’t believe you forgot that one? You could even call anyone collect even if they were on the moon. It was quite expensive, but well worth every penny. I’m sure if you remembered that you would have loved it yourself. So much better then an Mp3 player with all the downloads. I’m talking about Intergalactic hemispheres. Which is so much better?


Perhaps you have no faith? Well if you’re curious, they destroyed our gods as well, and believe me it was too late for anyone to find out they were just too powerful. Somehow it just happened. Then books were burned, churches all religions of the world destroyed in seven frightful days. Then the rewrites and reshaping of Icons and images, Buddha got a make over; Jesus went from hippy beard to Nazi moustache chic.


He was given jack boots black shirt and heat seeking missiles. Under there reign everything was reshaped and reformed After the Great Genocide This junk yard became the graveyard of Heaven’s technological achievements. Perhaps one day if you stop listening to the trolls during the night as you sleep. You could perhaps pay your respect to the dead?






I am a freelance writer and video artist. I have been published in international journals such as Poetry Salzburg Review In Austria, Parameter Magazine in Manchester U.K. as well as smaller presses like Sein und Werden, Zygote in my Coffee, and Mount Zion Press. I am currently writing a Memoir, and two novels of fiction.

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