DEVIL’S TEETH by Cecelia Chapman

… big business meets small town in devil’s teeth …

When a brother and sister discover unopened letters hidden in their mother’s house they hire an investigator who already knows who is responsible for the mother’s death.

Devil’s teeth is a nickname for islands offshore San Francisco, the Farrallons, home to great white sharks. But all the rocks on that coastline are weathered and look like teeth. There is much offshore oil drilling planned for the north California coast. So I used the image of devil’s teeth to describe big oil business tactics for acquiring permits, land and small town compliance in their strategy.

You can also watch it here:

Susanne Hafenscher, Matthias Boss, Marcello Magliocchi track Music for a Quiet Night. 

Kristina Barvels, investigator. Ignacio Palma, brother. Alexa Oliva, sister. Anthony, bodyguard.

Cecelia Chapman 2013.

2 thoughts on “DEVIL’S TEETH by Cecelia Chapman”

  1. That is a fierce score, and a hard watch: a simple story hidden in stylish visuals with a deafening sonic ‘element’. It feels like a music video, the kind of thing people ought to watch but which will probably be ignored.

    I only comment because I watched it three times, which seems necessary.

  2. Happy New Year Cecilia!I wish to purchase a few of your wonderful writing for a friend of mine that will enjoy it .So please let me know how l may
    do so.Many Thanks for sharing your thoughts.l find it exciting

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