“Vibrations are Infinite” – The Dead Reds Interview by Jason Michel

DeadRed Logo blk

Do I got a musical treat for you to read and assault your ears with while PMM is on a two week hiatus.

The Dead Reds are a five piece of blistering boogie balls out blues out of Brighton. Show your support.


1: Hello there, lady ‘n gents.

Tell the discerning Pulp Metal readers about yourselves. Who are TDRs, and what has the colour Red ever done to you that you want to kill it dead?

Greetings brothers and sisters, we are a collective who go by the names :
‘Jez Green :Vocals and Bass
Geoff Wilcox : Guitar
Rosie Flint : Drums
Thomas Miles : Harmonica
@CasperJames : Spoken word
Our name ‘The Dead Reds‘ originally  comes from ‘The Dead Red Roses‘; red being the colour of passion, LOVE and righteous ANGER. We pruned off the roses and the rest is history.

2: You guys produce some rebel rousing music. What and who inspires you?

We inspire each other when it comes to playing, without taking too much individual control; it’s a group creative process of exploration and idea growing. Our influences include but aren’t limited to :
The Black Crowes, Paul Butterfield, GnR, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, Van Halen, the history of American and British Blues, the infowar …


3: It seems to me that more and more bands are taking control of their own music and not looking for that record label contract.
What you think of the current state of the music industry and where is it heading?

The music industry in no longer recognisable from 15 years ago, due to the evolution of technology. The artist has every aspect of making music at their fingertips; from recording, mastering, promoting and distribution, there has never been a more exciting time to create. It’s now a level playing field, but getting it heard is the game. You can have complete and utter control of every thread of creating your sound – good bands work their asses off and I think the future will be rewarding for that. The ecosystem has changed – Internet Radio is now playing unsigned music world wide, you can get heard and as a result the amount of vibrations are infinite.

Startjoin campaign

4: Why did you choose to fund your crowdfunding campaign on StartJOIN as opposed to the more mainstream Kickstarter et al?

We threw the idea of crowdfunding around for a while before actually doing it, StartJOIN was a no-brainer; cryptocurrency will change the way we look at money and, as Napster carved the digital landscape, we believe StartJOIN will change the way music is financed. Direct from the fans, or people who dig what your doing, for the first time in history. Thanks to Bitcoin, if someone in outer Mongolia likes your sound, he can donate instantly via crypto … No middle men … No record exec treating artists like cash cows. Full financial control.

5: If you look into your crystal ball, where do you see TDRs going in the future?

We basically haven’t even gotten out of second gear yet! Down the road, we’d like to do more festivals, merch, main stage and tours! There’s a music revolution coming and we’re gonna be there when it happens!



For more info on TDRs StartJOIN campaign.

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