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DOUBLEBACK – A Cliff Drouin Story by C. R. Fausset

George Jacobs was a drunk. One of those kinds of drunks AA couldn’t fix. Almost every night, when his wife went off to work, she would leave their two kids with him. He started off the night relatively sober but as soon as he put them to bed, he’d start drinking. And drink he did. George never knew the word, ‘stop.’ One night he got so trashed he stripped naked and left Continue reading DOUBLEBACK – A Cliff Drouin Story by C. R. Fausset

Dawn by C.R. Fausset

I remember the first case I worked on my own.


Janice Stein was a mess. She looked about ten years older than she was. Her graying hair was tangled in a bun and she wore a pastel pink pajama top with a pair of holy blue jeans. Her yellow finger tips clung hard onto a cigarette and her leg was nervously bobbing causing the smoke to create a curtain across her face. Her blue eyes were watered down and red Continue reading Dawn by C.R. Fausset