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Neighbourhood Watch by Charlie Wade

A smashing, crunching of wood woke Bryn from his afternoon nap. He jumped to the window and rattled the net curtain. The door across the street had been demolished. Six officers, heavily booted and uniformed piled into the house.

“Druggies across the street being raided,” he called to his wife.

“That’s nice dear,” she said, her head not moving from her laptop screen.

“Six of them, police, piling in.”

He watched them fly up the stairs, the door half hanging from its hinges. “Get the bastards,” he muttered. They’d been nothing but trouble, that lot. Rented house, that’s what the problem was. This wasn’t that sort of area. Parties at night, comings and goings at all hours. They were nothing but trouble.

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A Drill Too Far by Charlie Wade

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