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Introducing Henry Zeo Covert ~ A Showcase

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Q1: Hi Henry!
Who are you? (Or who do you think you are?)

This could take awhile. I think I’m Henry Zeo Covert ( http://strangeothers.blogspot.com ). I’m pretty sure anyway. I’m a writer (fiction, metafiction, comix and web comix, articles, essays, journalism, film and pop culture reviews and criticism), award-winning artist (comix and illustration), occasional musician, rabid collector, loving husband, and aspiring polymath. Continue reading Introducing Henry Zeo Covert ~ A Showcase

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An Interview with Matthew Coleman by Jason Michel

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Matthew Coleman’s images of the world around us are the images of an outsider. They distance us from ourselves. I had the opportunity to interview him.
Hey Matthew!Tell those ignorant swine amongst us a bit about yourself & your influences.Where do the ideas for your photographs come from?
What inspires you?