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Driving by Richard Cody

 The radio crackled and spat, having long ago faded from friendly entertainment to background noise, one station bleeding into another with a whisper of static and broken voices. His foot beginning to tingle sleepily on the gas pedal, James Mitchell drove on. Lost in the trailing road, he breathed in weary miles. Long hours unfolded before him, slow and lonely over the empty California highway.

            Drumming a disjointed tune on the steering wheel, he squinted through the fly flecked windshield. The night, vast and starry, moved around him. A lone sign, frozen briefly in the dim glow of rushing headlights, flashed by in the darkness:

LA 315

            Suddenly cramped, he yawned and shifted his weight in the seat. Morning was a long way off, but it would still arrive well before Los Angeles crept into sight. Hell, he thumped the steering wheel, he’d count himself lucky if this old car got him as far as Ventura County! With a sigh, he turned the radio off at last.

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