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Truth Lies Bleeding – Tony Black Interview By Paul D Brazill

Scottish crime writer Tony Black has written four cracking novels featuring the wonderfully stroppy journalist -turned -Private Eye Gus Dury. In his latest novel, TRUTH LIES BLEEDING, however, Black has taken a rest from Dury. The protagonist is Detective Inspector Rob Brennan.

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Crime & The City Solution: Tony Black By Paul D Brazill

Edinburgh crime writer Tony Black is an award-winning journalist, editor, and novelist.He is the editor of the brilliant PULP PUSHER ezine and the author of three novels featuring punch drunk, boozy Gus Dury, an ex  journalist turned Private Investigator.Paying for It, Gutted & Loss see Gus sniff around the back streets of Edinburgh and follow the trail of crime and corruption to the top. They’re gruelling, intenese and exciting journeys – not without moments of humour and tenderness. You feel as if you’d like to give Gus a smack every few pages but the pitbull proves himself again and again and it’s down to Black’s great writing that when you you finish one of his novels you feel Continue reading Non-fiction Archives#1