An Unholy Gallery by Jeremy Olson

 *Click on the image to show it in all it’s glory!*
Name : Jeremy Olson A.K.A The Heckler
Super Powers: Biting sarcasm!! Musical Wankery!! Master of Tomfoolery! Artistically insane!
Weakness: Were-bakers. Under my bed. And if I get out of bed they will bite me and I will become one of them.
Most famous quote: ” Not funny HA HA, but funny UH OH. Sometimes, to get peoples attention you have to hit them with a toaster.”
Influences: Sid Olson, Robert Crumb, Robert Williams, Randy Holmes, S.Clay Wilson, Sam Kieth, Bernie Wrightson, Graham Ingels, Jack Davis, Mike Ploog, John Cebollero
Origin: The unholy spawn of the frozen lands of central Minnesota, Jeremy grew up exposed to lethal doses of under ground comix and horror magazines (Eerie, Creepy, Skull, ZAP!, Heavy Metal ).
He increased his powers ten fold with a steady diet of horror/sci-fi literature, cartoons, sci-fi movies, horror films, and strange, bizarre music. Thus, he set out on his personal mission to give the world new rapture! A renaissance of chaos, humor, and horror!!
Contact him if you dare:

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