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The Black Swan versus Catwoman By Gary Widdowfield

“What must be done, practically? Which action is good? Which action is bad? To ask such a question is also to fall into a naive abstraction  . . . Ethics does not furnish recipes any more than do science and art.”

Simone de Beauvoir

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Celluloid -The Story So Far …

Arizona International Film Festival – The Art Of Storytelling

By Matt Dukes Jordan

*Don’t Let Me Drown, 2009, USA

Be Calm and Count to 7, 2008, Iran

Psycho Guru, 2009, USA

The Crimson Mask, 2009, USA*

The cool thing about film festivals is that one can discover hidden, rare, and very innovative films that might not otherwise be widely seen. Along with feature-length films, tons of short films are shown and some are experimental and non-narrative. Unless you search out such films on the internet, you probably won’t see them. It’s good to give them a venue. It’s also good to give indie dramatic features a chance to find an audience and be reviewed… and maybe pick up prizes and distribution. Continue reading Celluloid -The Story So Far …