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PMM’s Birthday Party – Mr. Kiss And Tell by Paul D Brazill

A Peter Ord Investigation

The last time Billy Kirby hit his wife, he’d picked up a kitchen bench and slammed it against the back of her head. Dusty had immediately reacted by slashing at Billy with a knife she’d been using to gut the Continue reading PMM’s Birthday Party – Mr. Kiss And Tell by Paul D Brazill

I Didn’t Say That Did I?: It’s a CRACKER!

by Paul D Brazill.

Oh Manchester, so much to answer fer.

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I Didn’t Say That, Did I? : Rebels Without Claws by Paul D. Brazill

Dexy’s Midnight Runners once sang that ‘The only way to change things/ Is to shoot men who arrange things’

What? You mean singing a pop song isn’t a major revolutionary act?

Try telling that to the all-mouth-and-trousers bunch of so called rebels that are rock stars.

Famous ‘working class hero’- okay middle-class art student turned multi-millionaire – John Lennon really proved his worth as a rebel when it came to the Vietnam War. What did his missus do to stop all that death and destruction? That’s right, they went to bed had a kip! Well, that’ll sort that out, then!

Lennon was clearly bogus of course. This was man with a white Rolls Royce who sang about having no possessions. A wife beater who wanted us to ‘give peace a chance’. Instant Karma, indeed!

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I Didn’t Say That Did I –July 2010. Book Reviews.

Long Time Dead by Tony Black.

In Tony Black’s Long Time Dead , journalist turned reluctant private investigator Gus Dury is in the gutter again but he’s still looking at the stars, albeit through the bottom of a bottle of whisky.

Long Time Dead starts off with Gus waking up in hospital, after a particularly prolific drinking session, and being told that he’s close to knocking on heaven’s door. Gus, of Continue reading I Didn’t Say That Did I –July 2010. Book Reviews.

The Big Hurt by Paul D. Brazill

I usually like to consider myself a long distance drinker, perhaps more suited to a cross country run than a one hundred yard dash. But one winter evening, as the moon drowned in the chasm of the night, I broke into a bit of a sprint.


And this is what happened …


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The Big Bamboozler speaks! – The Musings Of Paul D Brazill

And There?s More … By Paul Brazill

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In his introduction for the crime anthology KILLER YEAR, the thriller writer Lee Child talks about buying records as a working class lad in 1960’s England. At the time, 45 rpm singles cost an ‘affordable’ six shillings and eightpence  but LP records cost so much more that they were a twice a year only event – birthdays and Christmas. Continue reading The Big Bamboozler speaks! – The Musings Of Paul D Brazill

Celluloid -The Story So Far …

Arizona International Film Festival – The Art Of Storytelling

By Matt Dukes Jordan

*Don’t Let Me Drown, 2009, USA

Be Calm and Count to 7, 2008, Iran

Psycho Guru, 2009, USA

The Crimson Mask, 2009, USA*

The cool thing about film festivals is that one can discover hidden, rare, and very innovative films that might not otherwise be widely seen. Along with feature-length films, tons of short films are shown and some are experimental and non-narrative. Unless you search out such films on the internet, you probably won’t see them. It’s good to give them a venue. It’s also good to give indie dramatic features a chance to find an audience and be reviewed… and maybe pick up prizes and distribution. Continue reading Celluloid -The Story So Far …

Non-fiction Archives#1

Crime & The City Solution: Tony Black By Paul D Brazill

Edinburgh crime writer Tony Black is an award-winning journalist, editor, and novelist.He is the editor of the brilliant PULP PUSHER ezine and the author of three novels featuring punch drunk, boozy Gus Dury, an ex  journalist turned Private Investigator.Paying for It, Gutted & Loss see Gus sniff around the back streets of Edinburgh and follow the trail of crime and corruption to the top. They’re gruelling, intenese and exciting journeys – not without moments of humour and tenderness. You feel as if you’d like to give Gus a smack every few pages but the pitbull proves himself again and again and it’s down to Black’s great writing that when you you finish one of his novels you feel Continue reading Non-fiction Archives#1


The Streets By Jason Michel

It started in the streets. Doesn’t everything ?
Revolutions. Pop culture. Real change.
In the pavement cracks. Widening. A concrete gash. People tripping. Stubbed toes. Scuffed leather boots. Grandmothers with broken legs.
Tarmac bending. Tyres screeching. Airbags unleashed.
Fibres pushing through pavements. That mad green fuse.
We tried to trim them. Yet every cut brought a tougher tendril. Vines pierced fundaments. Entwined lamp posts. Buildings creaked under the creeping onslaught. As they fell we all saw the blossoms in the dust clouds.Opening buds. Spewing airborne seeds from coast to cold coast.

Introducing Gemma Nye By James Hilton

When she first walked in the bar, Adrian ’s eyes had followed her from the Continue reading Fiction#Dec/Jan09